Really Need Answer About Birth Certificate Amp Babys Last Name

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melz - June 6

1st of all, i would like to say I gave birth to my first child on May 31, 2006. She was almost a month early. But anyway, me and babys father arent married, but when i filled out the birth certificate information, i gave her his last name, but he was not there to sign any of the papers, my question is, does the baby have my last name or his? Being as though he was not there to sign any of the paperwork...all answers are appreciated.


Natashasmomma - June 6

He has too sign a paternity affidavit. Which you should have recived from the hospital. If you didnt get it from the hospital call and then go pick it up. The birth certificate will more than likely have your last name but you have up to like 30-90 days I belive to change it. After the amount of days aloted you will have to go to court, at least thats the law in most states! Hope that helps


Kristin72 - June 6

Hi melz, I am not married either (and pregnant) I have questioned the last name thing too..If your relationship is good with the father and you plan to marry one day, then give the baby a hyfenated last name ie. Smith-Jones so that you are both on the birth certificate. That way in case the father is not around when he grows up you could always drop the one name and the child will not ask why your names are different. If you stay together for the long term but never marry this will pay homage to both parties. Unless my partner asks me to marry him before the due date I will take both our last names. In fact, I would like to do this anyway. Good Luck to you..XO Kristin


lindsayncadence - June 7

I used my babies fathers last name for her since we are planning our marraige and i had no problems with it (his mom said he couldnt sign till he had a paternity test lol we had been together over a year she just didn wanna face it lol he was 17 at the time)


KimS - June 7

Hey melz I would guess that the baby has your name, I'd say go with your gut.. I am married but didn't take my husbands name so our names are different. I think in todays world it is very common for there to be families with different last names. I want to give our baby my last name since I am the last in my family tree.. but dh feels fairly strongly so I'll probably cave and give the baby his name. I am from Canada and here you can legally hyphenate your name between your parents, without a court order (which is what I did at the age of 16).


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 7

I also gave my baby her father's last name because we are planning our marriage. All I did was feel everything out with her name with her father's last name, and then he signed an affadavit of paternity since we are not married yet. I got her certificate of birth back from the hospital yesterday and her name read Kylie Madison Brooke with her father's last name. They did make an error though and it said Mine and my fiances name with his last name as the parents. But that is okay because we are getting married anyway.


Corrine321 - June 7

Okay the Paternity Affidavit is the sheet of paper where the father signs it and says he is the father so theres no need to do a DNA test thing right?


Natashasmomma - June 7

Corrine321- That is right.. There just signing that they KNOW there the father and dont need a Dna test to prove. Once they sign it there the legal father.


gkaren2706 - June 8

melz if you filled out the birth certificate info with his last name the baby will have his last name on her birth that is the one she will have for life regardless if you get married or not. However if you do not get married you should have him sign a paternity affidavit so if you ever want to get any child support etc. from him you will not have a question as to him being the father...if you wait you will have to go thru a dna test if he decides not to claim her.



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