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number2dueinoct07 - February 19

I recently just found out I was pregnant. I took a test at 14 dpo it showed a nice faint line. I have taken a total of 6 brand name tests. All showed positive and a lot of internet cheapies that showed positive as well. Today I took a first response and the line was lighter than yesterdays. I took a digital it showed pregnant. I'm nearly 5 weeks pregnant why are my lines still faint? Could something be wrong?


SaraH - February 19

I would call the doctor, explain the situation and ask if they'd be willing to do a quant_tative HCG test (measures the exact amount of HCG in you blood). Your HCG levels (the hormone the tests check for) should double every 48 hours or so. As it doubles the hpts should get stronger lines. While there are the occasional pregnancies where the levels do not double properly and things are still fine, most often if the HCG levels are not rising correctly it indicates that something is wrong. Take another test tomorrow and see if it is fainter then todays. Not all tests are as sensitive as each other, and even 2 of the same brand, out of the same box may show up w/ a different intensity. Also using urine from a different time of day, or if you were more hydrated (therefore making your urine less concentrated) today then yesterday your urine could have contained less HCG, and therefore the line may have shown up fainter. However, if the line is progressively getting lighter as you test it probably indicates that your HCG levels are falling. If your levels are falling then a m/c will occur. I'm sorry I don't have better things to say, but don't freak out yet. As I said occasionally levels don't rise as they should and the pregnancy is okay, and depending on the test and urine concentration that may have made the difference too. So, hang in there and call your doc. If nothing else you can at least ask to have the pregnancy confirmed. I hope that all turns out well for you. I've been through 2 m/c and I know how difficult they are and how scary it can be when your worried something could be wrong. Let me know how it goes and Good luck and prayers ~Sarah


number2dueinoct07 - February 20

Thank you so much hun! I will let you know!!


Belief - February 21

Sarah - with my first, my doctor never said anything about HCG levels. Is this something that I'm supposed to ask when I go. She only said that everything was fine, but then I mc.


Belief - February 21

Also, with the first one, I had a u/s at 6 wks and the heartbeat was 103. I remember thinking at the time that it was extremely low, but the tech told me that it was okay and that it just started to beat a few days before. Is that a normal heartrate at 6 wks? Currently, I am 5 weeks and 3 days but haven't gone to the doc yet.


AmySmoak - February 21

Different tests just vary. As long as they are all positive and you have no bleeding you should be fine! Rest a__sure! Make sure you set up your first appt. w/ your Dr and see how fast you can get in! Maybe you can ask for a blood test to rest your mind! Good luck and best wishes! H & H 9 months!


SaraH - February 21

Belief. Congrats on your pregnancy. To answerer the HCG question, it isn't something they normally test unless they are worried that you may be having problems. So, don't worry that your doc didn't mention it. The level in itself wont tell you a whole lot (unless it is really low/high for where you are in the pregnancy). If they think that you might be having complications though they will often test the HCG level every couple of days for a few days to determine if it is rising properly. The doubling of the HCG level is more important the actual level number as there is a lot of variation in what a "normal" number can be at for a specific time in the pregnancy (although if you're 8w's and the number is only at 200, it would be very low and a definite worry that something was wrong). It is not standard to test HCG levels though. I did have my levels checked w/ this current pregnancy though, although I didn't have any complications. They only checked it though b/c I asked to have it done (since I'd already had 2 m/c, I just needed some peace of mind). They agreed to test it while I was in to my 1st appointment, but they weren't going to repeat it as they normally would have if they were worried (testing it once only told me that the level was for sure at an okay place for how far along I was in the pregnancy. It didn't tell me for sure that everything was fine, only that my hormones were looking to be at a properer level for the number of weeks I was in the pregnancy). I did end up having the HCG level tested a second time though, as I'd forgotten to ask them to check my progesterone which I'd wanted done (progesterone is one of those things they also don't always test unless you ask or they have reason to think there may be a problem. ---Progesterone is viewed as being essential to maintaining a pregnancy here in the US, but I know that in the UK they don't feel that it is substantial and don't do anything for it). So, since they had me come back in to test the progesterone levels they also retested the HCG levels. Having it done the 2nd time told me that the hormone was increasing properly. Again though this was all strictly done for my peace of mind and only b/c I asked, it wasn't standard. As far as the heartbeat goes the tech was right. The fetal heart starts beating around 22 days after conception. When it starts beating, it begins at about the same rate as the mothers heart beat (presumably around 80 bpm). The babies heart rate then increases by approximately 3.3 bpm a day until it reaches a rate of about 180bpm (at about 8 weeks). It then decreases until it is in the "normal" fetal range of 120-160 bpm. So, at 6w/ a rate of 103 would have been fine. Hope that helped some. Try not to worry too much (I know, easier said then done). Just remember that the odds are much more in your favor that this baby will be healthy and everything will go well then that something will go wrong. I by the way after 2 m/c am now 34w pregnant and there has been no complications at all w/ this current pregnancy. So, hang in there and try to relax. Chances are pretty good that in 9 months you'll be holding your healthy little baby. Good luck.



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