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jc - August 8

I went into pre-mature labor at 32 weeks and the nurses were able to stop the labor. I am now a liitle over 35 weeks and feel like I may be slowly going into labor again. Has anyone out there had a baby at 35 weeks? Was the baby healthy? Did the baby have to stay in the hospital longer. I also want to br___tfeed and am worried the baby will have to be in nicu. Please help.


jules - August 8

Hi jc My mother had a baby at 36 weeks more than 19 years ago! and the baby was absolutely fine, she had no health problems, she didn't need to go to nicu, and her development throughout her life has been above average, in fact, she walked at 9 months and talked at 10 months. So don't worry, medical science now 19 years later is so much more advanced, you will be fine. All the best and good luck.


jc - August 8

Jules, Thanks so much for your response. My little one just seems to be fighting to come into the world early. I'm doing everything I can to keep her where she is. She seems to be real healthy. The contractions have eased up some. Hopefully I will make it another week or so.


Lissi - August 8

Oh where is Chelsey?! She had her baby at 34 weeks and he was fine. They did keep him in for a couple of weeks, just to fatten up a bit, but he didn't need any a__sistance with breathing at all. Nearly all babies survive, when born at 35 weeks, so don't worry.


Monica - August 9

My sister-in-law had her first baby at 32 weeks. She and the baby were in the hospital for only a few days until they were able to go home. He is now a healthy, happy, and very smart 3 year old. I wouldn't worry at all.


Beth S. - August 9

It basically depends on the individual baby but mine was born 2 weeks ago when I was 35 weeks. He was 4lbs 15oz. He was born on a Friday afternoon and went home with me on Sunday of that weekend. Perfectly healthy


Julie - August 9

My sister had her little boy at 25 weeks and he will be one this week.



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