Really Want To Get Pregnant Suggestions

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C - April 19

I have stage 1 endometriosis and went off the pill last week. I already got my period. Is this the time that I'm most fertile. I really want to do all I can to get pregnant. Suggestions?


easy... - April 19

HAVE s_x!!! And LOTS of it! You are most fertile mid-way through your cycle. Mid-way depends on how many days your cycles last. You might need a few months off the pill to determine how long your cycles are so that you can better pin-point when your most fertile days are. Until you know for sure... just have s_x s_x s_x!


C - April 19

sounds good to me.


Lovely - April 19

Start working out, buy a little string bikini that you intend to live in this summer. Sign up for university courses. Get a boyfriend who doesn't want kids. Have him 'pre-c_m' NEAR your v____a, but not in it. Have a husband? then get his mom to hate you. After 10 weeks of being a regular on this site, I have learned these are effective ways of becoming pregnant! Good luck!


C - April 19

Lovely, thanks for the helpful sarcasm.


Tanja - April 19

It took me a year and a half to get pregnant I got pregnant when we stopped trying! The wedding has to be posponed because I'll be huge by the time Julys here but its worth it. It'll happen once you RELAX!!


Foxy - April 19

I agree with easy. Just have lots of s_x. Relax and enjoy it!


Karen - April 19

Totally agree with Tanja. When you stop, relax and ENJOY it will happen. I think when we are trying we put to much stress on the body and mind and it prevents it from happening. Relax and let mother nature take its course. It took me 7 months after I came of BC. I lost the first by miscarriage. After the miscariage it took me 3 months. Now I am in my second trimester. Good luck and have some good old fashion hot s_x. You will be surprise when it happen. LOL. I would recommend starting to take Folic Acid. Your doc could give you a the right amount in a prescription.


Maleficent - April 19

get the book "taking charge of your fertility".


rb - April 19

all these ladies are right - and lovely is just plain hilarious - we went off the pill and figured it would take us a couple months so i was completely relaxed... I got pregnant right away and the dr. a__sured me that was fine - anyhow, it was a great surprise since we weren't really trying - just having fun :)


toes - April 19

lovely, you forgot to suggest to C to plan a ridiculously expensive vacation in a warm, humid area but where a beach isn't easily accesible. :)


britt - April 20

i really wanted to have a baby, and i tried, but i wasnt succesful until i got on the internet and read that after s_x lay flat on your back with your legs elevated, it worked for me the first time


C - April 20

Brit, how long did you lay with your legs elevated? I heard that also.


Stephanie - April 20

I also read that after you have s_x, hubby on top, after he c_ms, put your legs up in the air for 20-30 minutes for better chances for the egg to be fertalized. My hubby and I are getting my IUD taken out August 31, 2005, and I can hardly wait! So right now, we are practicing getting pregnant. :)


C - April 20

Steph-the legs up in the air will take some getting used to. I'm laughing right now jsut thinking about it, but if it works, it's worth it.


Stephanie - April 20

I found it pretty amusing myself. How romantic. No cuddling. Just legs up!!!


Karen - April 20

Thanks ladies I know what to do next time around. My tip is after he is finish make him stay on top and inside for a while (that will help the little suckers fine their way. HAHA



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