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Olivia - September 3

Im only 13 and my boyfriend is 17 and im pregnant.When i go in for labor will the doctor do something about the age difference?Will he get arrested?


SaRaH - August 30

No! It is not the doctors business how old your partner is. As long as your parents are fine with it that should be all that you are worried about.


me - August 31

How on earth are you going to raise a baby? You are barely in middle school. Didn't anyone teach you about birth control? What does your parents think about all of this? God be with you!!!!!!!!!!!


Madison - August 31

Don't let others harsh words upset you because what is done is done. The doctors will not do anything. You or your parents could press charges if he raped you. Technically, he is still a minor also. For him to be arrrested, w/o an actual rape, he would have to be above 18 and having s_x with you. Good luck and enlist your parents to a__sist you w/raising this baby or whatever else you might decide to do about this pregnancy. You do have choices and you will need your parents to help you w/those choices. Best of luck!


brucen - August 31

Really depends on where you live.


AH - August 31

I was pregnant at 13 and had my baby at 14. She's 10 now. Just wanted to let you know that there are people out there who will be rude and unsupportive... Believe me, I know. Just do the best you can do and you won't have any regrets later.


$$$ - September 3

you are 13 years old! Are you even in high school yet? That is sick! You are going to be a welfare case and i am going to be paying for ur baby! You should feel proud, tax payers are paying for ur baby not you


Pissed - September 3

HEY!! listen people, she didn't ask for your f***ing opinion or her life..she just wants to know if her boyfriend is gonna be okay. this is not the place for you to make fun of people or put them down to make yourself fell better! Olivia...The only people who can have a person arrested for that kind of thing are your parents, the doctor has no say in that as well as anyone else. he will be fine and so will you. good luck.



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