Recurrent Vaginal Thrush

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Hayls - January 22

Just wondering if anyone else has suffered from recurrent va___al thrush throughout their pregnancy? I know it's not a very pleasant thing to talk about but I'm just a bit concerned as my va___a is very swollen and achey and actually feels numb. I have been on several lots of medications for it, mainly pessaries with cream but it just won't clear up. I'm starting to wonder whether their will be implications when giving birth if my va___a is so swollen! Any advice would be appreciated


Tracy88 - January 22

Have you gotten this medication from the doctor or just over the counter? I think you need to see the doctor. I had a problem like this in my early 20's but it was from being over-prescribed antibiotics. I had to take oral medications like Nystatin, Nizoral, and eventually took Diflucan. I recommend since you are pregnant, eating a lot of yogart (the less sugar in it the better), or taking Lactobacilli (you can get it at the health food store) and calling your doctor to let him/her know that it is very persistent. I know this sounds really crazy, but also if you douche with plain yogart and distilled water about once a week, it helps to balance out the Ph in the v____a. Good luck.


Jamie - January 22

Has your SO been treating at the same time as you for thrush? If he's got it, he may not have any symptoms but could pa__s it back to you during intercourse. If you're on antibiotics, also take probiotics. And, while I wouldn't know about douching with yogurt, eating it will definitely help.


crazybaby - January 29

i was under the impression you should NOT douche during pregnancy !


Tracy88 - January 29

Crazybaby, you are right, I wasn't really thinking about the fact that she is PG. Thanks for calling me on that. I also like what Jamie said about Hayls' significant other maybe pa__sing it back and forth. They should both be looked at and possibly treated.



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