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red haired blonde - March 11

hey, i am not pg yet but i have always wondered this... i was born with blue eyes, freckles and curly dark red hair. My hair colour led to a lot of teasing and some serious bullying and violent attacks in primary school (seriously!) As I got older I wasn't teased as much but the fear that people were thinking nasty thoughts about me because of my red hair still stuck with me. At 16 I decided to do the only thing I felt I could do and I dyed it a lovely light blonde shade which I am still doing 10 years on. I am more confident and nobody can even tell because it is a very real shade and my body hair is very fair naturally. I worry that my baby will have red hair and although I think it would be cute I know how awful it was growing up. People are sooo cruel and it always annoys me cos if I'd been treated that way cos of skin colour it would never have been tolerated but cos it's hair colour, nobody cares. My partner has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes and no freckles to speak of. I know dark hair is a more dominant gene than blonde hair but what about red? Is the curse set to continue? If my child was red haired, would the fact that I dye mine be a bad example for him/her? I know this might sound trivial but unless you have experienced it yourself you cannot possibly know how much it affects you. Any advice appreciated. cuddles and love xxx


w - March 11

I know many people who have red hair and end up dying it all the time they either go brown or blonde, so you being a bad example is nothing to worry about, at one stage in a child's life they do end up dying their hair no matter what colour it is, well i did and i have black hair. It is tough as I have seen and heard people with red haired being bullied because of this. Now ur partner has dark brown hair, and according to biology you are both dominant in whatever colour the hair of ur child will have it's like a 50/50 chance. If your partner had blonde hair then you definitely would have a red haired baby. Black hair then your baby will have dark hair as black is the most dominant colour. It is a hard one to say what colour hair your child will have. I mean what colour where your parents hair? Your baby may end up with dark auburn hair you just can't say until it pops out and starts growing. Don't stress your self over it, if you are that worried try putting ur babies hair in the sun wen it it is young e.g before it starts school as i'm sure that this will lighten it. Good Luck x


red haired blonde - March 11

thanks for that W! My mum has brown hair (light brown though, not dark) and my dad's was very red as a child but it's much more of a sandy shade now. My sister was born with lovely blonde hair and then there is me. I love your suggestion of putting my baby in the sun, he he! This would work but people would go mad at the idesa of putting a fair child in sun in case they burned. That said, I never burn or tan in the sun anyway! I can see it now, me on the beach, baby in one arm, boxes of Sun-In in the other... he he he xxx thanks again xxx


H - March 11

Hi! I am in the same situation, I was born with red hair and blue eyes and I have been wondering whether my baby will have red hair too. I think it looks cute but I know what you mean about it getting teased and that. My boyfriend too has dark brown hair and brown eyes. My parents and sister are all fair-haired but my boyfriend's are dark-haired. There's no way of telling who the baby will take after. I'm terrible for trying to predict the looks of my baby.Think I'll just have to wait and see! Our babies will be gorgeous red-haired or not!


red haired blonde - March 11

hiya H, you are not terrible for wondering how your baby will look, it's just something we all do! You must let me know when yours is born cos that will be so interesting. You are right of course that it doesn't matter and the baby will be gorgeous either way. And, of course, their health is more important, but you can't help wondering can you? Ah well. Good luck with your pregnancy and I hope your baby is healthy, happy and d__n good lookin' too! :0) xxxxx


Liz - March 11

First off I have always thought red heads are lucky to be different that my brunette hair. I guess you alwys want what you don't have-ha! Secondly it's only hair and easily changeable! Kids can be cruel! If it's not hair then they will find something else-to small, to skinny, to fat ect.... Enjoy your pregnancy and best of luck!


nat - March 11

I was born a copper top. I was teased as a little girl and now I am sometimes envied. Lots of ladies pay top dollar to have their hair dyed to be the color I have. I love that I stand out a bit now that I am an adult even though I hated that I stood out too much as a child. My husband and I both hope that our baby has red hair.


sas - March 11

Hi i am a red head too. Also wondered the same. But I heard it's all to do with if you pa__s the red head gene on. Nothing to do with which hair colour is more dominiant, as the red hair colour is a seperate gene to blonde and brunettes.


w - March 11

A red head would be more dominant than a blonde or a light brown hair person, there genes are stronger and will over rule weaker genes, u just say it by hair colour as it is easier to understand. That's what I mean being dominat.


w - March 11

Check this link out it may help you


klm - March 11

I am a redhead too. I experienced a lot of teasing in elementary school but it had subsided by high school and I get nothing but compliments now! I am hoping to have a redhaired baby girl someday. The way I figure it, if I didn't get teased about the red hair they would have found something else to tease me about. I think all kids get picked on for something. I wouldn't worry too much about it!


s- - March 11

2 of my closest friends have had babies and both of their kids have the red hair too. Sorry. I don't recall either of them being picked on,but I am sorry you were. Oh, one of the husbands has dk hair, the other light brown.


julie - March 23

hey, im 17 and im from ireland....and i hav been getting bullied about the colour of my hair since i was about 8. its offal, my friends and parents just tell me to ignore them but its hard, i once got called a gange minger i was so hurt by this beacuse it was a friend (well i thought they were my friend) that said it. im going to try some blonde in my hair to see how it looks. im glad i fold this site..i thought i was alone, beacuse no one can understand the pain of this particular type of bulling unless you have red hair...slan go foil


klm - March 23

Wow, I thought red hair was more common in Ireland, so it wouldn't be such an issue. I'm sorry you are all being teased so much, I understand how it feels. All I can say is that as you get older you will start to appreciate the uniqueness that comes with being a redhead.


klm - March 23

BTW, I have heard all of the redhead insults. My personal favorite: "fire crotch". I used to have that one screamed to me across the lunch room in high school. How humiliating!!!


Jae - March 23

hi..... was reading your concern with interest & i thought this would be relevant... i am white with blonde hair & my partner is black, our son was born with black hair with red hairs also... that is a result from my mother... according to my family doctor & a friend who is a biologist red hair is the most dominant hair colour.... i dont think you are setting a bad example i think you do what makes you feel good about you... if your child is born with red hair always remind him/her how beautiful they are everyday & reinforce that in them so they know how to deal with possible negative wishes


Jamie - March 24

I'm so sorry that you went through all that when you were younger, and I'm sorry you fear for your child, as well. I'm a natural blonde, but have always colored my hair to a light shade of red - I've ALWAYS wanted red hair...I'd say, if your child has red hair, be porud of it, and teach him/her to be proud of it, also...even in the face of bullies. It's a beautiful thing to be a little bit different from everyone else. (And just look at Lucille Ball...she had a blast as a redhead!)



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