Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

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Cilla - April 18

Does anyone know if red raspberry leaf tea really works to have an easier labor? I also read that slippery elm tea can bring on labor. Could this be true?


April - April 18

no idea... just make sure that any teas you drink are safe for the pregnancy... because i know that some herbs are really really harmful to the baby...


MiaBella - April 18

I drank it with my first child and I think it worked. Can't be 100% sure though. I heard it stregthens your uterus so it is easier to push out the baby. I pushed out mine in three pushes and the Dr. & nurses said they had never seen a 1st time mom get one out so quick with no problem.


Lovely - April 19

I have read that red raspberry tea actually loosens the muscles of the uterus, which is why it is SOOOOO important that you refrain from drinking it unless you are due, or overdue. Apparently it works so well, that it can induce an early labour. I enjoy tea, so I stick to the caffeine free cammomile and regular varieties. I do have the raspberry teas, sitting, waiting for when i'll need them.


nhb - April 19

I tried raspberry leaf tea for inducing labor, it didn't work for me--I got my baby out in about 20 minutes though of pushing, but I was only 20 at the time, which could also be why . . . apparently the nurses said that was because my young uterus was still strong . . . who knows if that was accurate or not, I was a little out of it when they said that since it was right after he was born :o) I've heard though that this tea is safe to drink, b/c it's supposed to help.


Julie - April 19

I took the red rasberry pills from GNC they worked for me I went a couple of days early and had an easy labor.


tara - April 19

Here are the advantages to Raspberry leafe tea - Raspberry Leaf: can be used abundantly throughout pregnancy, especially the last trimester. It contains the active alkaloid fragrine, which has a special influence onthe pelvic region and the uterus. It strengthens and tones the reproductive organs helping prevent morning sickness, miscarriage, and hemorrhage. It can help reduce pain during labor and after birth and prepare the uterus to work more effectively. Rich in vitamin C, E, and iron. Hope this helps.


kenya mama - April 19

Raspberry leaf tea is supposed to help condition your uterus. I'm not sure it will help with an easier labor, but it should help with shrinking your uterus back to its original size after your baby is born. It is not recommended until your 3rd trimester though. Also, make sure to read the label VERY closely, because strawberry leaf tea can be poisonous for your baby. Many herbal teas/supplements are not safe during pregnancy.


barb - May 6

i had raspberry leaf tea with the last two of my four pregnancies both were completely natural and both were less than 1 and half hours with no aftereffects i was told that sometimes it can dry up your milk but i fed longer than the first two with no problems i drank the tea twice a day from 6months onward and would highly recommend it to anyone my sister has had 5 kids and used it with the same results


amy w - May 6

hi cilla i just did some research, and it said in there that if you have a history of miscarriage to watch it in the 1st tri-mester, but that after that one cup a day should be fine, and then when you get into your 3rd trimester, you should swicth to 2-3 cups, i just googled red raspberry tea leaf, and a lot of sites came up, and i read about 5 or 6 of them, and i think the majority said that about the 1st trimester, give it a shot, so that you can get all of the information, and then base your decision on that. i am a huge fan of iced teas...any flavor, so this post caught my attention, and i am glad it did, because i do have a history of miscarriage, so thank you for asking the question, therefore peaking my interest...good luck to you! oh one other thing it said was that it was ideal for women trying to conceive because it strengthens the uterus. take care!


Leahp - May 6

I heard that you really shouldn't start drinking it until you're around 25 weeks, is this true?? I have a friend that drinks the Pregnancy tea from a natural food store that has about 300mg of raspberry tea in it, would this be safe for me to drink, I'm at 21 weeks??


amy w - May 7

hi says that it is fine for you whole pregnacy unless you have a history of miscarriage, but if you are 21 weeks, then you are more than ok to drink it from what i have researched anyways


Julie - May 7

You are not supposed to start using it until you are around 37-38 weeks. I would not use it in the 1st or 2nd trimester it is not safe. Like I mentioned before I got the pills from GNC and started taking 2 a day at 38 weeks.


mominwaiting - May 23

I was happy to see this post since I am sitting here with a cup of raspberry tea, which I have been a fan of for years. But I just discovered it's pregnancy related qualities. I have read that it is safe in both the entire pregnancy and also that it is only safe in the last trimester. Personally, I prefer to err on the side of caution and would wait until the last tri. That being said, I am due on 5-27 and drinking it like crazy. I hope that this along with walking 1-2 miles a day and plenty of natural prostaglandins (wink) will keep me from going 2 wks past like with the first one. Also, make sure that it actually contains raspberry leaves. Good luck and God Bless.


ruth - May 23

I did not take raspberry tabs with my first and had a 10 hr labour I did take it with my 2nd for the last 6 wls of pg at 3 tabs a day and I gave birth on my due date in 50mins very quick and very easy only gas and air.Went home 4hrs later and felt great.Im 9wks along with my third and i will be taking it again in last 6 wks.


Maddie - May 23

I've been drinking an average of one mug a day. I keep the tea bag in the mug as I'm drinking it. I've been doing this since I was about 32 weeks along...I'm now 36 weeks. Is this amount enough to even help at all? Or am I wasting my time...cause I don't really like the taste of it. I just drink it plain with hot water. Does anyone ever add milk or sugar to it?


Sa__sy - May 24

According to herbalists and folk medicine, there are 2 ways to take the red raspberry tea for pregnancy. One way is to drink 1 cup, steeped normally,of the tea every day throughout pregnancy. Then when labor truly begins, steep one ounce of leaves in boiling water for 30 minutes and strain. As you leave for the hospital (if the hospital is within 20 minutes) start drinking this strong mixture. Realize that it will be very strong and hard to get down but, apparently this is the proper strength to really help the labor and birth. History shows that for many women the contractions remain strong while the pain recedes. The pushing stage is supposedly shortened dramatically. I am comptemplating using the strong mixture when I go into labor. Be sure you are using the real thing...many herbal teas are just flavored versions instead of the real red raspberry tea leaves.



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