Relocating In Late Pregnancy

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Greta - October 24

I'm currently 10 weeks, and my husband and I might be moving cross-country. This would be a move "back home" for us, so we're really excited. He would probably go ASAP for his job. I would either go in late March/early April or wait until after the baby is born in late May because I could stay here, keep working, and get paid for maternity leave (short-term disability). I also have a 17-year-old daughter who will be graduating in May to think about. So, there are many factors that need to be considered on both sides. For example, if I stay here, how long after the baby is born would we be allowed to travel? If I go earlier, I wouldn't be able to find a job (who would hire a pregnant woman?), and with a new baby on the way, as well as another child heading to college, I'm not sure our finances would stretch that far. Has anyone made such a move either prior to delivery or afterwards? Any advice, etc. would be most helpful.


My answer - October 24

We bought our first home and moved in early Dec. 1999. On the day we signed our closing papers, we also got a BFP test. We managed to move, change schools for my older kids, find a new Dr., etc... but it wasn't easy or fun at times. Sounds like you have several good reasons to stay where you are until after the baby comes. You should be able to travel very quickly after delivery.


Bonnie - October 24

It shouldn;t be too much of an issue provided you don't have any pregnancy problems and you don't go right before you are due (would suck to go into labour on the road, lol). That is if you are traveling by car. Most airlines will not allow you to fly in the third trimester without a note from your doctor (I wouldn;t think you'd wanna fly that late anyway). You might be better off waiting until after May when yoru daughter is graduating though for her sake. I don't think traveling (by car) with a newborn would be that big of a deal. Then again, I haven;t had mine yet so we'll see :P


Lisa - October 24

I am going to be going back home to have my baby; right now I am in South Korea and I will be flying back to Canada in my 30th week. You have up until your 32nd week to fly. You can not take a newborn on the plane until they are 8 weeks old...then after my baby reaches 8 weeks will be in Paris for another work a__sigment. So, I will be doing lots of travelling pregnant and with a new born...this should be loads of fun flying to Paris with an 8 week old and I'll be b___stfeeding.


to Lisa - October 25

You will love being in Paris with a baby, life is so easy there and everyone uses strollers and walks around and its fabulous. One hint, its hard to find americanized breakfast cereals so make sure if you are there a few years you have someone to send you the 'kid' cereal. have fun and enjoy -I love Paris


Lisa - October 25

I can't wait to go!! I am so excited! How much fun will this be to be able to move to Paris and have all these beautiful memories and pictures for my little girl when she grows up! I feel really lucky. Thanks for the great post!!!



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