Restless Legs

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Chelle - March 3

i keep getting this restless feeling in my legs. It didn't start until I got pregnant. It bothers me so much sometimes it makes me nauseous. I seems come more at times when I am trying to relax and is very irritaing. Any Info???


ekay - March 3

I have the SAME problem, it drives me crazy and happens only when I am trying to go to sleep. What helps me is to either put part of my comforter between my legs or rubbing my feet together until I fall asleep. Try stretching or maybe walking before you go to bed to. Hope this helps!


chelle - March 3

thank you so much. I appreciate ANY advice. this is one of the most annoying things Ive dealt with!


Hayley - March 3

I have the same problem too. I have been getting really twitchy legs and arms. I struggle to relax anyway without having this problem! It makes it really difficult to sleep and I am constantly getting out of bed and walking around thinking that the twitchiness might disappear. It drives me crazy too!


chelle - March 3

I wonder what causes this anyway


litilu - March 3

I have had a serious case of restless legs since I became pregnant. I'm now 31 weeks, so I've come up with a routine. It is worse when I try to lay down to go to sleep at night. So, early in prenancy, I went and picked up some foot lotion with peppermint in it. I chose peppermint plum because it was the least nauseating. So, when I'm getting ready for bed, I rub it on my feet and ankles. It helps A LOT! I also keep a pillow between my knees and try to keep my feet from touching by putting one outside of the sheet and one under. For some reason it is worse when my feet touch and get hot. Hope this helps!


Susan - March 4

When I was pregnant, I put Deep Cold on my calves...really helped.


Katie - May 3

I had it with my first pregnancy, and i now get it periodically (my son will be 3 in July) From the research I have done two causes can be: 1. Low iron 2. Too high of carb intake (or low protein to carb ratio) Hope that helps ;-)


Abby - May 5

Restless Legs? How about Restless Body!!! lol. I can never find a sleeping position that makes me comfy!!


R - May 5

I had the same problem...very annoying! BUT...this is what i did to resolve it, I would sit on my bed and put my feet against the wall and helps alot. Or, my husband would push down on my legs while i tried to pull them up (while laying on the bed) and this worked too. Goodluck!



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