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kesha - April 25

i have heard that there are test's that a doctor can do to determine if your child id healthy or has down sindrom or will be disable or retarted is this true i also hard that it's done by inserting a thin niddle in your belly botton and there's a 50% chance that it could put a hole in your sack harming the baby is this TRUE.


Maddie - April 25

You're pretty much right. It's called amniocentesis. They take a needle and draw fluid from the sac that the baby is in. It's usually done on older women, or women with a higher risk of problems. It can be dangerous to the baby causing spontaneous misscaraige. Here's a good website:


Leahp - April 25

depending on your age, I wouldn't go near any of those d__n tests, they're mostly false/positive and the ones that give a positive, the women go on to deliver a healthy baby.


sjdhffdj - April 25

I agree with Leahp. I wouldn't chance it. I've heard that as many as 3 in 4 babies that are miscarried after the amniocentesis turn out to have been healthy babies that died needlessly.


BBK - April 25

Just for the record, the chances of miscarriage are 0.50 % not 50%. In other words 1 in 200. Also, while AFP tests are inaccurate, amniocentesis is 99.5% accurate. Not advocating, it just setting the record straight


to kesha - April 25

theres no need to find out unless you are planning to abort it,if its downs.


Lynn - April 25

Also, with the AFP, there aren't positive/h=negative results. They look at the level of protein, your age, the fetal age, and other factors to determine the probability that your baby has downs, tri-18, etc. Then you can basically decide if the odds are in your favor or not & if you want furthur testing done.


Heidi - April 25

Between weeks 11-13 they can do a nuchal translucency ultrasound that is 100% safe. I had it done and was told my risk for downs was extremely low. Plus I got to see the baby for the first time! They would only do an amnio if they felt I was high risk.


monica - April 25

I know someone that had the amnio done and came back positive for down syndrome. When she delivered the baby was healthy with no DS.


TO Heidi - April 25

i am 11 weeks pregnant. I have been told about the test and I am considering it but I have heard of false positives-I am scared of that-do you know of anything about that. Is the U/s sound done v____al or not? Thanks


Heidi - April 25

It's a regular ultrasound. Not v____al. I'm sure there are possibilities of false positives but mine didn't turn out this way so I didn't worry about it. They also did a blood test to back up the ultrasound and it came out good also. I am only 30 but requested the ultrasound anyway. They basically only give you your risk factor for downs and a couple other things. Mine were pretty low. They give you a scenerio like mine was 1 in 1000 or something. I know it was low so I didn't worry about it and the blood work came back good too. Have it done to ease your mind and see the baby! It didn't take long and it's 100% safe.


monica - April 25

Heidi, I had the same test done. U/S and bloodwork. And it was exciting to see baby on the U/S.


To Heidi - April 25

Do you see a lot more on this U/s then the one in the dr's office-I had one at 10 1/2 weeks and could see the heartbeating but my bladder was not full so I couldn't see much. Is this you're first pregnancy? It's my first-I am also 30years old and wondering about the test. Thanks. Congratulations by the way!



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