Rh Incompatible

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T in Canada - December 8

HI everyone, Hubby and I are RH incompatible. I am o neg, he is o pos. I am 26 weeks and am wondering if anyone else is incompatible and has had the shot?


Bonnie - December 8

I'm not incompatible, but it's very common. Don't worry too much about it, it's really rare for there to be a problem and the shot doesn't harm you. It's definately worth getting.


Kimi - December 8

i am rh neg. and had to get the shot after i misscarried, sorry i dont know much about it.


Michelle - December 8

I had the shot for my daughter and again for this pregnancy. I have neg Rh and now sure what hubby has, so they gave me the shot to be safe. It hasn't bothered me or my daughter or the unborn child. I hope this helps a bit, best of luck! oh... i had the shot at 28 weeks


Michelle - December 8

I meant not sure... not now sure


Beth S - December 8

well hubby and i are incompatible and i got the one shot at 7 months and if baby was post_tive unlike me i was supposed to get one more shot when he was born but he ended up having my blood type


to "T" - December 8

T- my husband and I are b/c I'm o neg, and he's o positive. I am only 3.5 months pregnant, but my doc has not mentioned anything about it yet...I think I'm going to mention it to him at my visit tommorow. Did they have to test your husbands blood?? At what point did your doctor test you?


Lindsay - December 8

How funny, I did not know how many people that actually had the same blood type as me. I am O neg, and my husband is B pos. My daughter who is now 3 is B positive, so I had to get the shot twice.


Kris - December 8

I am A negative and had to get the shot.


Beth S - December 8

yeah i am a negative also


T in Canada - December 9

To "T" yes they had to test hubby's blood, I think when I was around 20 weeks. Doc says I'll get a shot at 28 weeks and then at delivery if the baby is not my type. He also says it's not such an issue with this pregnancy, but could be with future pregnancies.



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