Right Side Ovulation Egg Fertilized In Left Fallopian Tube

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Riahsmum - February 23

My doctor stated that my right ovary produced my pregnancy though I don't have a fallopian tube on my right side. I was told that the egg can "swim" over the opposite fallopian tube to be fertilized and implanted in the uterus. This was shown by the nourishing cyst appearing on my right ovary and being advised this only appears on the ovary that produced the egg. Has anyone heard of this or experienced it? Is there a medical term for this way of conception? I haven't been able to find information on it. I appreciate any information or experiences anyone can share! Thanks


squished - February 23

I have kind of a similar situation. I have a didelphic uterus with a septum that starts way up in the v____a. The entrance to left uterus is very tiny and there is no way that my husband can fit in there (sorry if tmi). The entrance to the right side is normal size, yet somehow I am pregnant in the left uterus. Our tech also said something about swimming eggs, but I've never heard of that before.


Renee B. - March 24

Squished, I also have a didelphic uterus. Did you have any problems trying to conceive?


LIN - March 24

Maybe you ovulated on both sides. I mean, if you produced two eggs, one from each ovary, then how would the ovaries know which egg fertilized? My guess is that they wouldn't and only one of the follicles would turn into a corpus luteum.


SaraH - March 25

I have no idea if there is a medical term for it and I don’t know much as far as this goes. As far as the basics here is what I do know -sorry if you already know this.-- When the egg is released the follicle that releases the egg turns into a corpus luteum (I could be wrong LIN, but if I remember right I'm thinking from my Developmental Biology cla__ses that any follicle that releases an egg turns into a corpus luteum cyst, and therefore you'd see more then 1 if you ovulated on both sides. ????). The corpus lutem cyst produces the chemicals needed to support a pregnancy until the placenta is formed and functioning enough to take over. So, the fact that they saw the corpus lutem on your Rt side Riahsmum, indicates that you ovulated on that side. Your fallopian tubes do not attach directly to your ovaries, but normally end close to them and are pretty much "open-ended" into your abdomen. Normally when an egg is released from a follicle on your ovary, the egg ends up in the fallopian tube near it. It's then moved along the tube by cilia (little hairs) and down into the uterus (chemicals released by the egg cause sperm to swim up into the tube from the uterus, and fertilizing occurs while the egg is still in the tube). Normally the egg ends up in the tube closest to the ovary it's released from, but from what I recall, since the egg is simply released into the abdomen it is possible for it to end up else were. So, when your missing a tube it's possible for the egg to be released into your abdomen and for it to then move ("swim") over to the entrance of the other tube and down it --remember the top of your tubes are not attached to anything and are open into your abdomen. --- I can't really tell you much more than that. There may be a medical term for it, but I certainly don’t know it. I have heard of your situation happening more than once before, but unfortunately I don't know much about it. Most of the time when I’ve heard of this it has been in relation to the fertility of women who have had a tube removed after an ectopic pregnancy. So maybe doing some research in relation to ectopic pregnancies (or asking on a forum for women who’ve had ectopics) would give you more info? I’m sorry if that was all info you already knew, but I figured if you didn't know it, it was a place to start. Hope it helped a bit. Good luck and congrats on the pregnancy.



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