Risks Of Getting Pregnant The 1st Month After Going Off Bc

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Heidi M. - October 19

Hello- My husband and I were thinking of starting a family next fall (06). My Dr suggested I give my body 8-12 months to regulate itself since I've been on some form of birth control for 11 years. We went off at the end of Sept- not really knowing when I would ovulate we just tried to be really careful. I've been taking my basal body temp now for only a week, but it increased significantly the day after we had s_x & has stayed elevated. From what I've read, that means we could have had s_x the day before/day of ovulation. My husband is freaked out of potential health risks being that we have been told so many times to wait several months... any advice??? Thanks so much!


MJM - October 19

I was on the same pill for about 8 years. We got pg with my daughter literally right after I went off the pill. Okay so about 2 weeks after. My daughter is 4 1/2 ( I always have to say 4 AND A HALF or she says no mommy I am not 4 anymore I am 4 1/2, kids gotta love them). We had no complications during pregnancy, delivery or with any type of development. She is actually at the head of her cla__s and is already reading 3 and 4 letter words. I would not stress out at all. Usually Dr's want your body to get on its own "natural" cycle but it does not always happen that way.


Gemma - October 19

I don't think it would harm you or the baby if you were to get pregnant now. I was on the pill for 4 years and then I had the implanon for about two years which I had removed about two months ago. I was told to try to give it a couple of months before TTC but only because then it would be easier to work out a due date for my pregnancy if my menstrual cycle was regular again.


Amanda O - October 19

There was a doctor on the Today show this summer who was debunking ob/gyn myths and this was one of them. They were very adamant that there is no problems or increased risk in greating pregnant immediatley after you stop the pill.The miscarriage and birth defect rate was no different in women who waited several cycles or women who had never been on the pill.Hope this info helps!


Heidi M - October 19

Thank you all so much for replying... all your advice and experiences really help. I know my husband will appreciate it also~ heidi


Renee - October 19

Hi Heidi----I am the same as the other gals here. I was on the pill for 12 years and got pregnant right away. I wouldn't stress out about everything you hear as far as a waiting period. Doctors just have to cover their a__s in case of "anything" going wrong but do not forget that the body has a mysterious way of recognizing abnormalities very early on and getting rid of them (miscarrying) right away. Most of the time before we even know that we were ever pregnant!! You are better off letting nature take its course and just have a good time makin a baby! Best Wishes to you and hubby!


baby dreams - October 22

My dr. said that the only reason to wait and let your cycle regulate is to better predict when the baby was concieved... this will help figure out your due date... but the first u/s will do that as well... so don't stress! I have been on BCP for 8 years and just took my last pack... waiting one month to see if I can tell when I ovulate, but we will start trying in November no matter what.


Emma - October 22

I have a very serious opinion on this as I conceived the month after i stoppd the pill. First of all, all the research I have found says that miscarriage rate DECREASES if you get pregnant right off the pill. Secondly, I am happy I did not listen to my doctor and wait because last time I stopped the pill I ovulated the month after I stopped, but then was irregular for 6 months after that. My doc confirmed that for a lot of women, the best chance of ovulating is that first month off. I am ALL for not waiting to ttc. I am now happily 24 weeks pregnant and she looks great in there!


Rez - October 23

There is absolutley no problem. My dr even told me she conceived two of her kids (she has 3) the month she stopped taking the BCP. If its good enough for a dr its good enough for me.


Heidi M - October 24

It is wonderful to hear all of your stories and advice. I really apprecaite it. Thank you for taking the time to share them with me... best of luck to you baby dreams and congratulations Emma! Heidi



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