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wondering1234 - June 23

Ok, I am not sure if a friend of mine is pregnant, she had s_x and used a condom, which didnt break or leak, two days later she also got the emergency contraception pill, because she wanted just the extra piece of mind, she took a Clearblue digital test and got 3 positives, but she said she didnt use the directions, she just pieced it together and guessed, plus the results showed up way to quick, like 1-2 seconds after starting to pee, I have also heard these tests are very unreliable and dont work correctly, well she used those up, she then, worried, took other brand test and all came back negative, 7 in total of all different brands, later she went on to have a heavy peiod, 4 days, about a week after her period ended she took another test and it came back negative. Do you think she could be pregnant?


kimholl28 - June 23

No, sounds like she is safe. You said her period was normal and everything so it sounds like weird test results. I have never heard of 3 false positives but who knows.


Rhonda - June 23

Maybe she got pregnant then had a m/c.


wondering1234 - June 24

I was thinking about the M/C thing, but i dont see how she could have even got pregnant with both perfect condom use and the Emergency pill, i really dont like those clearblues, she took another today, so far she has had 2 peiods since these ordeals, both normal heavy periods, i have heard of people having periods and still being pregnant, but she took another pregnancy test today and negative results so either clearblue is really whacked up or a chemical pregnancy happened which seems unlikely.


Olivene - June 24

Why did she take the emergency contraception in the first place and then, why did she take the pregnancy test? Very strange to me. I've never heard of a real false positive. I'd have to guess chemical pregnancy, but I don't get how...


Been There - June 24

She was probably pregnant and then m/c. So she's not pregnant now. Perhaps the pill did the trick, but it took a while to work.


Rhonda - June 24

If she got pregnant,took the pill then she probably did have a very early m/c.And the reason she got a positive test,is because her hcg level was not completely down.


wondering1234 - June 24

Well she took the pill because she just wanted extra piece of mind, and the pill cant stop pregnancy if it already started, it can only prevent it, emergency contraception, and just wondering, but nobody thinks the clearblue could have been messed up, because she took others the same day with the same measurement levels, and they didnt even have a faint line, they were definately negatives, where the clear blue was picking up within in literally seconds, like 2-3 seconds



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