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EasyLuckyFree - June 21

Hey everyone, I have a silly concern I'd like to confirm. At the moment, I am not exactly sure that I am pregnant but I've been experiencing severe br___t tenderness, some weird waves of being nauseas, and the emotional stability of a preschooler. I have had a trip planned to a amusement park for months now with my friends, and of course, I am/have been dying to ride on all the crazy adrenalin pumpin' thrill coasters. Though I can't imagine how with feeling how I am going to throw up constantly and my chest being so swollen. I cannot test for pregnancy until the third if I miss my period, and my trip is on the 25th, 26th, and 27th. I was wondering if I still ride these rides, will that harm or cause a early miscarriage to the baby (given it exists). I know rides are not recommended for pregnant women but if it is so early in my pregnancy that I am unaware is it really that dangerous? Thanks a ton.


mommyofdkt - June 21

Hey Easy.....I went to an amus____nt park and rode rollercoasters before I knew I was pregnant and everything turned out fine. Remember that amus____nt parks have to post signs like that now only to protect their guests but also to cover their a$$. Also remember that most symptoms of your period will resemble pregnancy, most of the time. My best advice would be to go on your trip, have a hell of a good time, take a test after you get home, and your period is overdue, and other than that dont worry about it. Cant put your life on hold for "what ifs". Hope this helps sugar...have fun on your trip.


Malica - June 23

If you're nauseous and your b___sts hurt, you might want to bypa__s many of the rides simply out of comfort. I would think (just my guess though) that coasters that have full shoulder restraints would be better since they aren't applying as much pressure to your belly -- although the amount of pressure you'd have to apply to hurt you would be enough to bruise you as well, which I can't remember the last time I was bruised on a ride. Take it easy, and remember no Gravol or other meds to try to calm the queasiness -- just in case you are pregnant.


two_little_ladies - June 23

In 2006 I went to Disney World and got on Space Mountain. I hadn't gotten my period yet but after I got off I went to the bathroom and I was spotting a little. Later that day it stop. I thought that was odd so I went to walmart that evening and got a preg test and I was pregnant. My DD is 2yrs and 3mths now. Take a test first ... Ofcourse thats just my opinion


two_little_ladies - June 23

Oh... I didn't get on any more rides after that,hehehe


schreck - June 23

I went through same thing in April only I was to start the last day we were at the park. I took a test before we went to ease my own nerves. If you really want to know you might try calling your dr. and asking for a blood test.



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