Rubella Shot

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Aurelia - January 7

I am looking to get pregnant and my OBGYN tells me that I need to get a rubella shot 2 months before getting pregnant. Does anyone have any idea what she is talking about?


Hi Aurelia - January 7

This shots were supposed to be given to babies like a measel, mumps vaccine for immunity. If you did not get it when you were young, you're suppose to get it now specially when you're planning to get pregnant for immunization. I believe this is the reason.


Loueisa - August 30

I have had my rubella injection because I am planning to fall pregnant, but my doctor said I shouldnt fall pregnant for at least 3 months after the injection or it can cause birth defects in the baby


liars club - August 30

immunization "WILL" cause problems anywhere anytime to anybody . They are all nothing more than live and killed viruses injected into the human body requiring perfect storage temperatures and handling . Medicine has this weird fascination with garbage . We survived for thousands of years without shots and in the last 100 we have not been able to . Welcome to earth land of the thousands of garbage shots . Might as well hang out at the Docs office and stay there all day 365 days a year to get your shots . Immunization is only ever needed when disease is imminent . ie population 2000 and 1000 already sick with rubela No shot ever prevents people from getting that disease or any disease it only gives the body the ability to identify the cells which cause the disease and even that is a very big maybe . Almost always shots cause symptoms and rarely do they not , a small population even get devastatingly sick .


liars club - August 30

worlds top and last resort cure for almost all childhood serious diseases ... 1000 mg of vitamin C per year of the childs age . A very damaging final recipe but results have shown children who are imminently going to die receive this treatment to come back to normal anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours fully laughing and talking with no fever but the damage from the disease will have taken its toll irreversibly ie loss of use of a limb etc . It should never be administered yourself and only by a doctor but you can demand it . It is a method used only to increase ant_toxins and also raises the body temp. higher than the illness did , anyway ask bbk or Jlorenzo for more info because they have alot of knowledge and patience to find out for you if they do not know and they are also very good with natural medicines I just don't have the patience and tolerance for issues like this . Sorry


BBK ® © - August 30

Rubella or German measles is a virus (unrelated to measles) that primarily affects your lymph nodes and skin. It usually goes away in 3 days, mostly without problems..... unless you are pregnant. If you are pregnant it can cause severe birth defects and this is probably why the recommendation for vaccination was given. Since the antibodies can take up to 28 days to form, it's recommended you wait for at least that to get pregnant after the shot. The extra month is probably an extra precaution. The antibodies are good for 5 to 9 years.


Karen - August 30

You probably do not NEED this shot unless there has been a recent outbreak in your area. More than likely there has not been, but your dr is doing this as a precaution. It's up to you, if you feel you should do it, then do it.



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