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*_* - November 10

Im 30 weeks pregnat so far everything is going well..I do have a problem with my 16 year old stepdaughter .She her self had a baby boy last year .Now that Im pregnat she is so rude she call me fat women, fat cow you all know that being pregnat and being called stuff gets you mad especially if it's rude that it may even make you cry too. I meself know Im not that big for the months im in and not to say I haven't got a strech yet. She herself did get big and has big notice able strech marks and I don't say a thing to her.And when she found out I was having a girl she started saying that when my baby was born she was gonna be ugly .And not cute like her baby I know you all must be thinking how dumb of me to listen to her crab...I just can't stand her rudeness and stupied comments. ...oh and I almost forgot one of little sisters had her 3 baby to she's20 and also tell me stuff to they make me feel bad. I don't know if it's cuase of the pregnancy I get offended I try to ignore them but they just love to bug me about.I thought I'd let all this out I don't want people to be rude to me on this post I've posted .This pregnancy has made me so HAPPY and enjoying it as well .Not to say that last year I miscarried my first at 8weeks .Anyway how do I make them stop....


Jewels - November 10

Tell them that they should have more respect for you and that it is rude for them to say things like this to you. Tell them you never said any of those things while they where pregnant. (im a__summing you didnt) If after you have a talk with them they still continue then that would be it for me. You have no respect for me I have no respect for you. I know that by doing this it can go back and forth for ever but you have to stand up to these girls or else they will just keep doing it right?


karen - November 10

This is your step daughter saying this? What does your husband say about this? I know that if my daugher EVER said things like that to me, I would not put up with it. I don't know what kind of relationship you have with her, but you absoultely shouldn't take that from her. She needs to learn respect. That is way out of line.


Lisa - November 10

Where is your husband in all this? I have two step-sons of my own and they would never disrespect me that way. I am only young myself and one is in their pre-teens and the other is a teenager. They are so happy they are going to have a sister. Your husband needs to sit down and have a good talk with his rude children and they need to know about a little thing called 'respect'. You should also not be putting up with that BS. I treat my husbands sons like I will be treating my own and no daughter of mine will be calling me names such as that.


kokybee - November 10

dang! do they not know that you are supposed to be extra nice to pregnant women, its not like we dont feel fat already! my sisterinlaw was forever calling me fat, fat cow , and it made me so mad and hurt too, I never did deal with it, but i know a little bit how you feel, They must feel jelous of you for carrying your baby so gracefully and as far as not having any stretch marks? you go girl!!! that is an accomplishment, i have a child too and no stretch marks, anyway sic your hubby on his girls, they should not be allowed to stress you out so bad, stress is very unhealthy for pregnancy, God BLess


hey - November 10

Did ya stop and think they are jealous. you have their dad and now you are giving him a new baby. The c___p DOES have to stop there is no reason for them to be so ugly, but I am sure you don't want to cause any drama. So the best is to just ignore them, once they see they can't get to you (even though they do) they might stop. They are being very immature and you realy shouldn't join them. Good Luck and congratulations. I am happy for you even if theya re not!


sorry - November 10

I agree with the last post. They probably feel like their father has moved on & started a new family and so there is a big amount of jealousy. This is the kind of suff you have to deal with in situations like this, there isn't a lot you can do about it.


??? - November 10

Have these people had anything against you since before you were pregnant? Such as being too young for your husband, or being "the other woman"? Or has it just started since pregnancy? There's got to be somewhere that this rudeness started. Usually people aren't just mean, or don't like you for the heck of it. One of these may have lead to jealousy. But we can't be sure since we don't know the whole story as to what started it. Such as, did your step-daughter just wake up one day and say, "Fix me breakfast you fat witch."?


HMM - November 10

Maybe since your 16 year old got knocked up, she a__sumed that you and your husband would help with most of taking care of her baby. And since you're pregnant, she knows you two will have your own to look after. And she may be resentful that she has to do more for hers. Think so, or no?


Beth S - November 10

I agree with sorry to an extent. The only thing I dont agree with is that you have to deal with it because you definately dont have to deal with that disrespect. i would grab up hubby and sit all of them down and tell them that you dont like it and you deserve more respect than that. I mean really, they are such grown women to have babies they should be grown enough to deal with the fact that their father is building a new family.


Im a young mom - November 10

I'm a young mom and I honestly have to tell you, these girls are just being brats. At their ages they should be able to cope with the idea of you having a child. I myself have 2 kids, 2 nephews and a neice. The youngest is 3 months and my youngest is 6 months. I would never ever talk to anyone like that, even if it was my mom/dad having another baby not with eachother. I agree you have to talk to them and their dad to make them stop. For insight I myself am 17, and I have 2 half siblings but I would never talk to their mom/dad like they talk to you.


*_* - November 11

This all started now that Im pregant....I have talked to my husband and told him he has to tell her to stop.That when she was pregnat I never told her anything bad or disrespected her at all not onece.I am not that type of person.. all this has got to the point that it makes me cry and stress .....thats why I posted this.I do Thank all you ladies for your response..Thanks for making me feel better ......


yeah that - November 11

I agree with, I don't advocate spanking or whatnot, but that 16 year old has problems - YOU waited until you were married before having a child, and it's not your problem she's a little **** who doesn't know how to use a condom. Smack her upside her head, and tell her she should be grateful that you didn't kick her out when she got pregnant.


oh yeah - November 11

Have to agree with : yeah that: slap her upside the head, the girl had a baby after all, she is not some child anymore, threaten to kick her out!!!


terri - November 11

how dose she treat her baby?


me - November 12

Congratulations on your pregnany! I hope these kids don't live with you. WHY do you let these girls effect you? I know it's probably easier said than done for you, but don't let it make you sad. Maybe if she wasn't a 16-yr old kid with a baby you might care about her opinion. Please know that this girl has issues and NO self-esteem. They continue to pester you about it because they know it bugs you. I wish someone would say some sh*t to me like this. They call you fat? Tell 'em to go back to 6th grade s_x-ed. It's called pregnancy! When they say someting mean, ask them if they feel better about themselves. Call 'em out as the losers they are, they're supposed to be grown-ups now.


tamara - December 15

there just jealous because they are still children themselves and now they are responsible for babys, they still have to depend on there parents and your going to be somebodys parent



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