Rumors Of Sore Nipples Help Me Out Ladies

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jacki - April 13

Hey everybody! I have heard a lot about br___t being sore as an early sign of pregnancy. I defently have that syptom!!! But then I hear about sore nipples and all thats. Okay so here is what happend and i dont know if this will sound weird hahaha sorry if it does!! But yeah I was in the shower and like i was washing my hair with my body facing the shower head. and all of a sudden I felt like a pain in my left nipple. and it was the water hiting it from the shower head. WOuld this have normally hurt? sorry if that is werid but im like uhhh? I think I am preggo but to early to tell...any info/input/expeiance would be great


Lovely - April 13

Well, let's get personal, shall we? LOL! All of my 6 pregnancies, b___st tenderness, which is a nice way to say they hurt like HELL, was a common denominator. However, it is also a sign of an impending period (for me, anyway) but when the soreness didn't go away after 3 weeks or so, I'd get a HPT and lo and behold, they were always positive! Now that I am in my 16th week, my nipples are not only sore, they are swolen!!! As if there is cotton stuffed behind them. And they look ugly. Dammit, I have NICE nipples! Nice shape, color and size, now it looks as though they are on steroids to become Franken-nipples. I think that's what I'll call them actually!!! And in the shower... Holy hell if the water spray hits them!! Ouch!!!! And my bra rubs them! They get hard from being so sensitive, and the d__n things stay hard for so long, that they begin to hurt for THAT reason!!! I hate my b___bs right now.And their growing at an un-natural speed, too. (years, and Years ago, my DH was on steriods, I blame him, and any residual effect he may have deposited into me!)


Foxy - April 14

Franken-nipples! Lol! I'll remember that one. :-) I've been fortunate so far, because my nipples don't look much different. They're just a bit darker. The pain though! I had excruciatingly sore b___bs in the first 3 months and even stabbing pains in my armpits. Now I am 19 weeks, the general b___st soreness has worn off but the nipple pain is almost unbearable! It's like someone has cut them with razor blades, poured petrol on them and set them on fire! They itch too! Can't wait for Franken-nipples! Yey!


Foxy - April 14

P.S. Why do men always want to concentrate their attention on the nipples during s_x?! Even when you're quite clearly in pain?!! I keep telling him but he has the memory of a fish! 3 seconds goes by and he's doing it again!


Jamie - April 14

My nipples were sore when I was around 6-8 weeks; that's one of the ways hubby knew I was pg (I didn't believe him) - that went away, but now that I'm 23 weeks, it's back, along with a discharge. (Lactation, maybe?)


Kelly K - April 14

I'm 11 weeks along and I still can't even imagine touching mine. Jeez do they hurt. I think there should be a disclaimer in s_x ed.. "Don't get pregnant cause you won't be able to move, sit, lay on your stomach, wear a bra, walk fast, run or have anyone touch your b___sts without screaming like bloody hell".


~S~ - April 14

Jacki - Sounds like you're experiencing what I'v been experiencing. Remember, not everyone has the same symptoms..but anyways, one of my first symptoms was VERY, VERY tender nipples. At times, they felt as though they were burning or tingling, it was painful. I would have to hold them or press down on them to eleviate some of the pain. As for the shower thing..yup, I still get that. I find it somewhat uncomfortable when the stream of water hits my nipples, I always end up having to back away a bit. I never felt this pre-pregnancy, so I'm a__suming the sensativity it's due to being pregnant.


Becky - April 14

My b___sts have been sore for a couple weeks... and I am "supposidly" mid-cycle. I say supposidly because I had a day period on the first (much lighter than normal.. spotting for the next few days) BD'd just before (at three that morning :-D ) and then this last tuesday evening I had some light pink spotting... So I'm thinking I O'd twice (near 3/20 and 4/1) and just had IB two days ago. Would tenderness start before Implantation though? I have never had them hurt this much... I though it was because of the BDing on the 20th... but the spotting on the 12th would be too late for that...but perfect timing for the 1st...



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