Runaway Bride Nothing To Do With Pregnancy

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leslie - May 2

I just want to know what is your guy's opinion on the RUN AWAY BRIDE..IF YOU think she should get punished or they should just be happy she is ok....I personally think she is spoiled and thought she could get away with it...I think she shoudl get puhished!! and what about the poor bf?? and the family..they went through h__l!!


viv - May 2

I was absolutely p__sed when I saw on the news that she had just run away. Here she had her family thinking she was dead somewhere, because NO WAY could she have gotten cold feet, they thought... and her poor fiance, the wedding coming up in less than a week, and he's thinking his fiance is probably dead, and come to find out no she just didn't want to get married...I think it's just horrible. I mean yes I am glad she is okay, I hate seeing all these missing people searches end with finding a body, but I do think she should be punished. I mean she called 911 and said she'd been kidnapped and didn't know where she was at....that's a false police report isn't it? I thought what she did was very selfish and just plain ignorant!


leslie - May 2

and did you hear the tape when she called the police!!! She is a very good actress!!


minx - May 2

I think that she should be punished AND I think her fiancé should dump her. Who would want to be together with someone who's sick in the head? What would she do when the next crisis comes up? God forbid if she got pregnant and have post partum depression. Yikes!


Jenb - May 2

It was terrible that she put her family and fiance through all that and wasted a ton of time and money on her search. But I can't help but think that she must have more wrong with her than just being ignorant and selfish. You would a__sume that anyone that faked their own dissappearance had mental issues wouldn't you? Maybe I am wrong but if someone REALLY wanted to dissappear they wouldn't call the police, they would just dissappear. If they find that she is mentally stable and just stupid she should be held accountable. If they discover that she is ill than they should drop it. I have seen far worse crimes gone unpunished.


Karen - May 2

Worst thing about this is the "a__s" still want to marry her... I think he might me as mental as her.


jena - May 2

she belongs in a looney-bin - she claims she "didn't know" about all the drama and people looking for her? is she that dumb? she needs to pay back every penny to the law enforcement agencies (OUR tax dollars!) and owes MANY apologies, not only to her FAMILY and poor husband who sort of took blame for a while, but to everyone who looked for her. And no, she shouldn't get married!


Kris - May 2

I live about 15 minutes from the RUNAWAY. I am just SOOOOO relieved that it was not a kidnapping. It is a VERY nice area that I frequent often. It makes me so cranky b/c soooo many people in the area volunteered hours of time... not to mention worry for this girl.


April - May 2

I think she should have to pay for the search costs, and also pay the people who volunteered in the search for their time.


not to be mean - May 2

not to be mean or anything but when they show her picture in tv you can tell by looking at her weird eyes...that she is a little bit pschyco


Mimi - May 2

I would be so mad at her if she was a relative of mine!!! What a terrible thing she did. She should have to pay a fine. And her boyfriend needs to dump her. I heard they were together already for over 5 years! This is like the boy who cried wolf. She really should hide her head in the sand. I can't believe she did that to her family. Just Awful!!


Beth S. - May 2

i definately think she should be punished but they are talking 5 years in jail which is ridiculous because some rapists dont even get that much


crystal - May 2

I was shocked when I heard that the whole thing was staged, b/c I was following that story. I think she is a spoiled little rich girl. Her husdand say's "people make mistakes." That's not a mistake. A mistake is running away, calling and saying I can't do this I can't get married. Not having 250 people looking for you thinking your dead. she's insane.


leslie - May 2

plus I believe that if the wedding had 600 guests she must of had tons of time to plan the wedding..she could of just said something in that time...that was not a nervous break down!! It was all planned!!


Eryn - May 2

I thought the same thing about her eyes! She should be punished, If she would have called and said she got cold feet then it might be diffrent but the fact that she said she was kidnapped... That's not something to take lightly.


Jbear - May 3

I was just watching the news and they showed a billboard looking for the woman. Someone had put a sign up on it that said "Solved, Cold Feet" and a little drawing of a bride holding up her wedding gown and running. I thought it was so funny...But I think that woman needs some kind of psychiatric help.


does it really matter - May 3

Does it really matter? Is it our life, there are more important things out there that the cops need to focus on. Maybe she was to ashamed to tell the truth and did that, maybe she didn't relaize how out of control the situation would have gotten. Damn people look at all the wrong things. And you don't know why she had cold feet, what if the guy isn't all that good. There is always three sides to a story. Side A Side B and the truth.



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