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annie - November 20

I am about to start training to run the boston marathon in april. however, dh & i are also just beginning ttc #1. will running 40-50 miles a week decrease our changes of conceiving? also, when we do become pregnant, is it safe to run 40-50 miles a week?


*X* - November 20

Sorry, I know this doesn't answer your question, but why not just wait until after the marathon? You won't be able to run it if you get pregnant.


Goodness me - November 20



ally - November 20

I dont think running would do anything to alter it, infact im sure of it but you cant be running when u r pregnant. Maybe listen to x cause april isnt that far away when u think about it.


annie - November 20

ok goodness me, you apparently have some issues & you obviously don't know the answer to my question! actually my obgyn said it would not be a problem...that pregnancy is not a disease, & to carry on as normal, but i have also read that 30 minutes of intense exercise can be harmful so i try to get as much information as possible to so that way i am well informed!! maybe you should rethink answering people on these formums because you are hateful & i'm sure other people wouldn't want you responding to their questions either because you are negative & NO HELP!!!!! i would rather have our first child than run a marathon any day of the week, however i know that conceiving can sometimes take time & if I get far enough into my training then we will just hold off.


to *X* & ally - November 20

Thank you for your answers. DH & I have been debating back & forth what to do. We know that if I do get pregnant then I won't run, but I think that I am going to begin training here in a few weeks, & if we conceive during training, then that will be absolutely wonderful! I'll stop training & maybe run the marathon next year, or maybe not. TTC has been stressful on both of us & running always helps me relax. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I end up not running Boston in April & have to start getting ready for our wonderful blessing! Thanks again for your nice comments.


to annie - November 20

Running that much has caused women to stop ovulating. You could be affected if you are trying to ttc. Also, running that much is not healthy if you do get pregnant. I mean, why the rush? You want to run a marathon, then good for you, but can't you then wait to conceive? Why put all that effort into training if you do get pregnant and have to stop?


annie - November 20

Thank you all for your imput, I truly appreciate it.


healthy! - November 20

excersise during pregnancy is encouraged, as well as very good for you, and your child as long as the excesise is not over the top... i work out 5 days a week at curves and i walk alot, and i could be doing more. it was recommended to me to keep up with my active lifestyle by both my family doctor and my midwife. i am 22 weeks, i have a baby in perfect health weight and size, and i eat right (no processed foods!!!!!). soon i will have joined prenatel yoga as well. but i also live in bc, canada, and the health system encourages healthy lifestyle... i say keep it up (within reason).


karen - November 21

I agree that if you're going to put all that effort into training, you may as well wait until after the marathon to ttc. But, only you & your husband know your timeline. If you're running that much before you get pregnant, I don't think running a little afterward would be harmful (a little--not a full marathon), but you should be aware that you'll be so tired all the time in your first trimester that you won't feel like doing anything.


Stephanie - November 21

Hi Annie, My girlfriend was ttc when she complete the Royal victoria Marathon. She did not have any luck until after the marathon. What happened with her is that she was overstressing her system, and her af became irregular. Myself completed the half marathon and also conceived. I kept my training up in my first trimester, but now - 16 weeks pregnant- I have scaled back. If you are a well trained athlete, no healht conditions, you usually can keep your training up- but as you are aware you cannot train for a marathon and want to carry a child. The two realistically does not work. I wish it would though for us hard cores'- I sure have a hard time adjusting to this mild to moderate training schedule. Good luck Annie.


Lyssa - November 21

I was training for my first 1/2 marathon when I concieved. I was only running about 3 miles every other day. My OB stated to continue, but not to increase and stay within my own physical limitations.


Carrie - November 22

It will decrease your chance of conceiving but increase your chances of getting to work on time


becca d - November 22

my doctor told me to not run more than 3-4 miles at a time, but that could be because of my history of miscarriages. So no long distances for me...I might wait til the end of the first trimester anyway.


Kelly - November 27

I ran 7 marathons this year, 1 was a 50 miler and 1 was a 50k and I just found out that I am pregnant. I did the 50K while I was pregnant and did not know.


runningmum - November 27

I say go for the training. If you are already a well trained athlete and used to this level of training, then it is unlikely to affect you concieving. There are plenty of examples of this to be seen in elite female marathon runners. Eat well and rest well are important factors...I got pregnant while training hard and ran through my entire pregnancy (until the day before going into labour) NO problems. It is very hard for NON -serious runners to understand....we know our bodies better generally. If you do concieve before the marathon date, maybe you could do the half marathon?


Nikki - November 28

Have you ran that much before? You have to keep your body fat high enough to ovulate. Many runners I know don't get their periods due to this.



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