Running While Pregnant

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Alma - May 4

Is it okay to run while you are pregnant or should you pretty much lay off those kind of activities and stick to walking? Also...has anyone been trying to exercise and just gotten sick to their stomach really bad while you are barely exerting yourself?


monica - May 4

I was a runner before my pregnancy. At around 6 weeks I was still running until the day after my run I got so sick like never before. It was horrible..... it took me days to feel better. I never ran again. I walk now about 3 miles a day. I feel better walking than running.


Leahp - May 4

Hi Alma, I was a runner when I found out I was pregnant, but only stuck to it for another couple weeks. Personally, I don't know how some women run up until they're seven months or so. I have so much tendernous and pressure that I stick to walking and riding the bike along with swimming. Early on in my pregnancy I did get that yukky sick feeling when lifting weights and exercise was out fo the question with my nausea and morning sickness, but I'm almost five months now, and I can't seem to get enough!! I feel great!!! Good luck to ya!! Keep it up!!!


Jena - May 4

my doctor said not to jog because the fetus is sort of "hanging on" in your uterus and it's just safer not to... but walking is excellent. She may have told me that though because I'm "high risk" with twins... The most important thing is to not get overheated and don't exert yourself too much. Take care and congrats!


Heidi - May 4

In my first trimester any exercising I did, including walking, make me sick. At around 13 weeks I got all my energy back and can walk for hours without feeling sickly. Just don't get too overheated and listen to your body.


Alma - May 4

I don't know if I am pregnant or not yet but...I just wanted to know because I was starting to run before the possibility came up but I didn't know if it would put too much stress on the baby or what not so I haven't been doing it. I went to walk and I was walking for like an hour and a half a few weeks ago but last night I was at about 25 minutes and I just wanted to die I felt so sick. I had to stop...of couse I had also not been feeling well all day but it got way worse when I was walking...and I wasn't even walking that fast


April - May 4

You just have to make sure your heartrate doesn't go over a certain rate (i can't remember what that is right now so you might want to ask your doctor) and definately don't overexert yourself... you're supposed to stop exercising before you get tired... and make sure you're drinking lots and lots of water... also.. don't start any new exercises... if you're used to running, then i think it's okay to do it for a while (just watch your heartrate) but if you're not used to it.. then don't do it...


TX Girrrl - May 4

I used to run, but now I walk. Some women run while pregnant, but I'd check with your doctor. If you didn't run before conceiving, I probably wouldn't start now.


Sydney - June 14

Is it okay to run while you are pregnant?


Jodie - June 14

I dont know how anyone could run while preggers. I tried running for the bus yesterday, it was only a very tiny distance but i felt like a hippo


Jen - June 15

my friend still runs and she's 6 months pg. She was very fit before her pregnancy and the doctor told her as long as she feels goo enough to run she can since she was already doing it before she was pregnant. Bootom line is from what i hear that you can do all the things you normally do as your pregnancy permits. But you aren't supposed to start doing tough excersises if you haven't been doing it before you became PG.


Lisa - June 15

Hi Alma, I too used to jog before falling pregnant and then the nausea hit me pretty badly in the first few months so all I did was walk and low impact aerobics. Now I'm in my 5th month I'm back to high impact aerobics (keeping my moves safe) and very slow jogging and I feel fantastic. My doctor said it's fine as long as you don't overheat. She told me to keep my heart rate below 160 beats which is quite high - I think I usually hit the 140 beats mark. Listen to you body is what I say - if you start feeling sick, stop and take it easy.


Kym - June 17

I am now nearly 7 months pregnant and I have run all through my pregnancy. At four months I started getting some discomfort so stopped running for a period of about 3 weeks but continued after that. I cut my runs from 5 per week to 3 and now do 2 pool runs. Pool runs are great, a great workout and you don't have any strain on your body. I bought a belt that goes around the top of my belly and use that. My runs have slowed alot which is hard to take for a runner but you have to listen to what you body wants and don't overheat. But go ahead with running only if it feels right for your body. Good luck and congrats.



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