Sac W No Yolk Or Pole Please Help

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kristlynn80 - July 11

Hi....I am 26 and 4 weeks 5 days preg. I had an ultrasound done because they thought i was having an ectopic pregnancy...ultrasound turns out there is 2 sacs (in uterous!!!) ...but neither have yolk, or pole. Anyone else had this?? When did you first see sac w/ yolk/pole? did you have an earlier u/s that showed empty sac?? please help!! thanks


sonotec75 - July 11

Are you absolutely positive of your dates? You could actually be earlier. Did your doctor tell you to return in a week to recheck?


kristlynn80 - July 11

i am def. 4 weeks 5 days...have another u/s in a week


Patti - July 11

It's not at all unusual to only see a sac at this point in your pregnancy. I had an u/s at 5 weeks 3 days and they barely saw the yolk and no fetal pole. They had me come back at 8 weeks and saw the baby and heartbeat. Try not to worry too much, even though it's hard. I've heard of the same thing happening many times and it was just too early. Hang in there and post your update.


chandellina - July 12

don't fret - it's early yet. are they going to have you back for another scan? also, there can be discrepancy in the dates you actually conceived and implanted during the 4 weeks 5 days.


carnation - July 12

Hia i was preg 6weeks had a scan showed placenta, sac no feotal pole they called it a silent miscarriage had to have a d&c i hope everything is ok with you and the baby should appear because it is early but the doctor said to me they outcome looked bleak when the sac was empty sorry xxx


kristlynn80 - July 12

an update--- I had my hgc level done today and it was 11,400 at 5 weeks dr said which would be normal for twins. My next u/s is monday but am still worried that no yolk or pole will show!! Does anyone know if hgc #still go up with a blighted ovum or chemical pregnancy?? please help thank you


marylou - July 12

I am a registered nurse and am also 26 y/o. First of all, a blighted ovum or chemical pregnancy is very rare in people our age, although I sure know a lot about them after I went to the doctor, saw two empty sacs and went home to research. I was terrified because this was my second pregnancy and my u/s with my son around the same time was perfect - baby and heartbeat. However, I was 100% certain of my lmp, but obviously my body ovulated about 3 weeks into my cycle this time. To the point, I went back 5 days later and saw a baby and heartbeat... the other sac "resolved" and I actually pa__sed it this week. But the other baby looks great as of yesterday. So keep your chin up because an empty sac just means that something was fertilized and made it to your uterus... no sense in going that far for nothing right? Good luck!!! Congratulations!


Seredetia - July 13

I went in for a "dating" ultrasound to see how far along I was at roughly 5w6d. The picture showed a sack and a yolk -- no pole. Turns out I was a little less far along than I thought. Today I had my ultrasound and was dated at 8w4d with a tiny little heartbeat and ARMS! Everything is perfect. Don't do anything until you are absolutely sure that nothing is there...just make sure they watch your HCG. If it doubles (or even more than this since it's twins) every few days then you are perfect. :)


luvmydogs - July 13

Congratulations on the twins! I had an u/s at 5 weeks 3 days and there was only a sac. Went back at 5 weeks 6 days and there was the little bean and beating heart! I am now 9 weeks! You are most likely just too early! Good luck!


annie24 - July 13

hi i had an u/s at 6weeks and 1 day after bleeding(dates were spot on...still same to this day) and there was an empty gestational sac...absolutely nothing inside.went back 2 weeks later and saw baby and heartbeat.22weeks now.please dont worry....all sounds good! congrats!!


kristlynn80 - July 13

my numbers keep going up so i am hopeful...but waiting is pure torture!!! then i "research" and hear about blighted ovum/chem preg/ molar preg!! there is so much out there!!! this is driving me crazy!!! only 3 1/2 more days till my next u/s


Seredetia - July 13

HOnestly, stay AWAY from the internet. heh...You will find everything bad about any symptom you have or could potentially get. The best thing for you would be these forums...that way you can get real information from those that things have happened to. The internet articles will try to make it seem like you have every problem listed!! Don't stress; you'll be fine. :)


kristlynn80 - July 14

it is really hard to not be crazy after all you can read on the internet!!! I really feel for everyone who has been through this before with a loss!! I did not try for this pregnancy...and i am going 100% crazy worrying about my hcg levels and u/s and all...and this is after i am pregnant!! Good luck and best wishes to all who are ttc...what i have learned is that is all put up to god...and not much to do but wait!! this forum is so great for support!!! thanks


sophandbob - July 14

I was just wondering why you had to wait so long for an ultrasound - could they not have checked there and then to ease your worries - or were you given a reason like you needed to be further along to tell? Good luck with everything, I keep flicking back to this post to see if there is any news!


kristlynn80 - July 14

I have actually had about 5 ultrasounds since 4 weeks 1 day (today am 5 weeks 2 days)...they thought it was ectopic...they saw nothing at all on the first 4...then at 4 weeks 5 days saw 2 empty sacs...DR wanted to wait a wwk to see if anyhting develops...that will be monday when i am at 5 weeks 5 am praying they will see a heartbeat/s??!!?? the waiting sucks!! my hcg levels are good theogh....they have been more than dubling and are at 22,600 now


luvmydogs - July 14

Kristlynn--I am so happy for you! I truly believe everything is going to be just fine! Your levels are absolutely perfect! Good luck on Monday and please let us know how happy you are when you see your 2 lil beans!!!



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