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Sad girl - March 2

I so want a 3rd baby now and hubby does not want one now,i'm 27& he's 36.I'm frustrated , angry , disappointed and very sad.How can i convince hubby to have another one now ? He tells me things in order to have one now and then changes his mind when i agree.I'm hurt !


Phoebe - March 2

Sad girl... how old are your other kids? I think you just have to show him the pro's and that might convince him. You don't want to be shaddy about it though. My work friend had a 10 year old... just one kid and didn't want any more. His wife went and got pregnant... and did not tell him until she was 3 months... he was so angry at first, but now loves the baby. He still doesn't do much for the baby though... and when I ask him about it, he says, "she has to take care of it... she wanted it..." as though it's a puppy or something... I just want to slap him. Idiot men!


~m~ - March 2

Sad girl, I think you guys need to have a long talk. You explain why you DO want another, let him explain why he DOESN'T. Then you can each see where the other is coming from and maybe you can find some common ground and come to a mutual decision. Just my opinion: I'm not sure it is the best idea to bring another baby into the picture if BOTH of you are not whole-hearted about it. That being said, it sounds like your heart aches for a baby, and if your hubby is understanding, maybe he'll see that and things will work out! If he is worried about age, tell him not to worry, he's still young! I'm 33 and trying for baby # 3. Good luck with whatever decision you guys make!! :o)


To phoebe& ~m~ from sad girl - March 2

my girl will be 9 and my boy 5, i've explained to him that i don't want them to have 15 yrs age gap .she'll be 10 next yr and if we wait and wait she will be at least 12-13. I don't want that to happen to the baby ,it will be MINE, cos I wanted it .It's not as if it's going to change anything cos i'm pratically a single mom.He just takes care of the food in the plates and brings the bacon home , but he's not paternal at all.I told him that, and told me , "if u don't mind staying home while i go to work then i'll say yes why not go ahead " His exact words.Now i said yes ok, i don't mind , and now he's telling me i should go to work and build a career that i'm willing to put on hold for at least a yr .He's only worried about the child care, so i told him i'll stay home and then concentrate on my career, it would be easier for us that way anyway. ~m~ , no he's not worried about age at all, au contraire, he's telling me i can still conceive in 10 yrs time( which i refuse ). It depresses me, i don't even want to work anymore.He's an IT engineer,we'll do well .Sigh... THx for responding anyway, Good luck to u all.



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