Safe To Visit The Dentist

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Poppy - January 29

Is it safe to have dental treatment such as injections used for numbing the gums.What happens if some of this was swollowed while being pregnant.


Donna - January 29

hiya poppy, ive had 4 dental treatments this past month and on every single one they used numbing on my gums, as long as u let them know your pregnant everything should be fine.


Peg - January 29

As a dental professional it is best to wait for dental work untill your second tri-mester. This of course does not include cleanings. You SHOULD get your teeth cleaned while pregnant. I recommend 2 cleanings while preggo and one after delivery. Hope this helps.


EmpressNnena - August 10

Well I wanted to know if it's ok if they give u exrays on your mounth...cause I have a big hole in my tooth and I'm goin to get it looked at and I know they might have to do an exray! My mom said they will usually put something over my belly to protect it!


sahmof3 - August 11

Tell your dentist you are pregnant. Getting cavities filled and such is important and needs to be done in pregnancy. My dad's a dentist and the newest recommendations are that you DON'T have regular checkups and cleanings in the first trimester, but second trimester and later is fine.


Krissiem23 - August 11

I am getting all of my wisdom teeth out next month, in my second trimester. I had to get a special script from my OB/GYN. Its a standard script, that tell them that I have to have a special type of novacaine (it has to be withour epinephrine) and that I have to use abdominal shielding for x-rays. They would not ket me have anything done without the script.


AshleyB - August 11

I have a broken tooth that I had checked out in my first trimester, the doc said he wouldn't do anything till the 2nd trimester and that was with permission from my ob. He wrote down what meds he uses and wants my ob to look at it. But he would definatly not do any x-rays till after the baby is born.



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