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Kandee - November 13

what do you people think about the name saXon?


? - November 13

Its definatly different..I personally don't really care for it but its what you like thats important. Take Care


*X* - November 13

To be honest? Ew. Why not just name one Viking or Mongol while you're at it? (sorry, but you asked...)


Hi - November 13

It's different! I don't really care for it but it's your opinion that counts :)


*X* - November 13

Kandee, I was joking. My point was that it's the name of a group of people. It's equivalent to naming your kid Russian or Norwegian or Jew.


shelly - November 13

dont like it, to weird! is it for a boy or girl? but it is different!


Kandee - November 13

for a boy


I think it's cool. - November 13

I like strange m=names. Like the world Really needs another Brittany or James.


~M~ - November 13

Kandee~ Where are you from???


ally - November 14

well its very popular in aus and i think its a brilliant boys name, dont understand those that dislike it


~M~ - November 14

Kandee~ I was just wondering! I think it is a cool name. Also it gives charicter.(sp). I have ma__sive pregnancy brain, I forget so much! But any ways I think it was cool. I just thought I knew you thats all. So when are you due?


Steph - November 14

I agree with *X*. saXon is no different than Saxon, it just looks like you accidently capped the x and it's improper with regard to captializing the first letter of someone's name.


~M~ - November 14

Kandee~ Well that all depends on how many middle names you want to give him. I have given my kids 2 middle names just to be different. So here are the ones I think sound good out of the list you gave: Saxon Kedrick, Or you can use the name: Saxon Ignacio Kedrick. Oh I hope this helps you out. Keep us posted on the name you choose as I think it's cool to finally here some different names.


Agreeing with *X* - November 14

Why don't you just call him Anglo.


If I might - November 14

It is the equivalent of naming your child German or at least indicating of German decent. I guess if you are it's not bad but Anglo Saxon does jump to mind.


Kandee - November 14

I think I will only use one middle name Anglo Saxon?


Kandee - November 14

No, I wanna name him Saxon, not Anglo Saxon (or whatsoever you called it)



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