Saxon Ashmund

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Kandee - December 10

I have already made two threads, but wat do you think about the combo Saxon Ashmund (I have decided to use Saxon as the first name, but I am not sure about middle names)


Emy - December 10

Saxon is good, Ashmund I don't like too much. It makes me think of a type of dog. Why not just keep it simple like Ashton?


HH - December 11

Sorry. I like Saxon, but not Ashmond, but it does flow better than Ashton. How about Saxon Archer?


TCB - December 11

I answered this question before (twice) and i will answer it again I dont like either one. but its your kid


Kandee - December 11

well, I like Archer! And Ashton is not bad either!


rl - December 11

come on this is your kid if you like the name then name your kid that i personally am naming my son what my husband and I want and who cares what anyone else thinks grow up your about to be a parent think of it as your first parental duty naming the kid what you want.....


Brittany - December 11

If what your going for is different, then you've done it! I personally dislike the name. Saxon is alright. I don't know about Ashmond.


Chelsey - December 11

To Kandee ~ Sorry, Sweetie! Not fond of the name, but if you like it, go for it! Just try to keep an open mind about how others will react to it. Its other people's reactions that will make your baby hate his name, not the name itself.


TO Kandee - December 11

I think people will like Saxon,because it is unique. I say GO FOR IT. People told me that kids would pick at my son about his name, but not only are alot of kids name that but people think it is beautiful. It is a boy's name but girls have it too.


Ba8y6irl - December 12

people say Anglo cuz the religous people are Anglo-saxons... its a type of Catholisism I believe... correct me if I am wrong. Personally I would stick with James as a middle name, as said in your previous post... give him a chance to have a regular name... just in case... you dont want him to hate you when he gets older. Not saying he would but its possible that he might get teased a lot and blame you for it. Just my opinion... :)


hey whats ur last name? - December 12

if u tell us ur last name we can help think of middle names that fit.


Just Wait - December 12

This Saxon kid will be really famous one day and everyone will be naming their kids Saxon... it probably took a brave person for everyones name at some point to use it for the first time... be a leader not a follower!!!


Kandee - December 13

my last name is Price (simple and common)


Mommy - December 13

Saxon Ayden Price, Saxon Alec Price, Saxon Blane Price, Saxon Gage Price, Saxon Sky Price, Saxon Gabriel Price, Saxon Blaze Price, Saxon Marshal Price, Saxon Louis Price? Any good ones?


Kandee - December 13

I like Saxon Blaze and Saxon Aiden!!!


Mommy - December 13

Thanks. I have a friend who named her son Aston Blaze and though it sounded cool. Both of my kids were already born though, so I couldn't use it. LOL, maybe if I decide to have another one...


Tess - December 13

I like Saxon but not Ashmund.



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