Saxon What

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Kandee - November 21

which combo do you like? Saxon Cedric, Saxon Kennethy, Saxon January, Saxon Winter or Saxon Wood?


M.A. - November 21

What's the last name? I guess without a last name I'd say Saxon Wood.


oh dear - November 21

all of those are pretty bad. January sounds feminine ....and kennethy? are you serious?!?!


* - November 21

I thought we already decided we didn't like Saxon. Anyway of your choices I would say Cedric, or wood. Good Luck


*X* - November 21

Well, as you already know, I don't like any of the names you've made up, but why not Saxon Kedrik? I think it sounds better with a hard "k" sound. Saxon Cedric is too slishy wishy.


jules - November 21

I don't like when people give their kids names that are actual words so January, Winter, and Wood would definately be out for me.


Erin - November 21

Lady - you are really terrible at this name thing - those are horrid!!


lily - November 21

oh my!! that poor child better learn to be a d__n good fighter with a name like that! seriously hon that name and those middle names ewww!


HH - November 21

Hey, your baby! I'm a__suming it is for a boy? When I saw the t_tle of your post "Saxon what?" I thought Saxon Devereaux! I don't know why, but I think it sounds cool. Winter, Kennethy and January are all feminine. Wood reminds me of a hard on- sorry! I guess, of your choices Cedric is best. Why not Kenneth- the usual way? If this is for a gorl, I like Saxon Winter. Good luck.


Hee hee - November 22

What about Saxon Thebeach?


j - November 22

saxophone - saxafriend... Oh my... Kandee - please, if you love your child, please reconsider what kind of time he'll have in school with those names...


Just Wondering - November 22

Where did you come up with this name? Is it an old family name, or did it just pop up in your head?


Ok NOW - November 22

This IS a p__s take!


whew - November 22

get ready for the kid to be nicknamed s_xon. i dont like any of those middle names, but i will add that january and winter are girly, kennethy..... ick, cedric..... old man, and wood..... seriously, who names their kid after a euphamism for erection! im sorry to be harsh but being different is one thing, but being "hollywood" is tacky!


This is phony - November 22

Saxon Kennethy? i think this thread is a hoax. Nobody's that stupid to pick names like that.


Kandee - November 22

no, my name is not Jenkins! I like Saxon Cedric a lot! what about Saxon Mattson or Saxon Marton (two other names I like)???


Gemma - November 22

I am not really keen on any of the middle names but I do like Saxon. I think if you are going to have an unusual first name then you should not use such an unusual middle name. How about Saxon Luke, Saxon Jude, Saxon Paul or Saxon Craig.



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