Scan Places In Malls

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Lisa - May 18

I've heard in the states that there are places you can go to get ultrasound scan if you've not got one booked in at the hospital. Is this true? Can anyone tell me how they operate?


abc - May 18

i know that they are here in the u.s, but i am not exactly sure how they work, but i have heard that they arent all that safe, i am not sure why, but that was enough to keep me away from them lol...i hope that i have helped you some.


britt - May 18

i live in tn, and there is one that i know of, it is a 3-d ultrasound, and it cost 170$ it comes out of your pocket, it isnt a doctors office so, insurance doesnt cover it, my friend had one last saturday, it was great, you can take as many people as you want, and they project it on a huge screen, they give you a dvd of the whole thing, and lots of pics, im definately trying it!!!


Julie - May 18

There hasn't been anything proven that ultrasounds aren't safe. They have them all over the place they are 3D ultrasounds they do contact your Dr's office to get the OK.


ES - May 18

There are many issues with these centers. First the safety of medical ultrasounding is there but these 3D ultrasounds use far more soundwaves in much higher frequencies. And the effects of that are not entirely known. Also if they detect abnormalities they are not trained to know how serious they are and nor are they required to disclose that information. Most states are now pa__sing legislation requiring a physicians order to perform ultrasounds and reputable centers require the patient prove they are recieving prenatal care.


Jennifer - May 18

there are those 3-d ultrasound places but some of them are very expensive. Luckily here, my doctors office offers those, they are not covered by insurance and you have to pay for them up front. the cheapest I have seen is $100.00


Julie - May 18

They will not do the ultrasound unless you have already had an official ultrasound from your doctor. At least that is what the place near me said.



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