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SaraMariasha - June 2

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I have been in a panic. I am happy, but not in the way I thought. I am more just terrified and sad. I am 28 and married and have wanted a baby for two years. So, why do I feel like this? Has anyone else had this?


sophandbob - June 2

What part frightens you? I am terrified and frightned that the baby will die before i hav eit. I am so frightened that something will go wrong. I am so desperate for the baby.


Been There - June 2

It's probably just reality hitting you. You wanted it for a long time, but now that it's real, you are faced with the reality that there's not going back. That can be scary. Now you have to prepare for a child, get him/her here safely and care for the child for the next (at a minimum) 18 years. Some of us are on our 3rd or 4th child and still we feel anxious or scared at times. It's normal.


SaraMariasha - June 2

I am scared of it all. I am scared of our lives changing, I am scared that I will not be a good mom. I feel really sad that my young, carefree times are gone. I am scared about affording all the best for my baby...


LadyD - June 2

Sara, don't worry. At least you have your husband to support you. Do you know how many people struggle not only financially but emotionally because of kids. Technically, I was a single parent at 18 but I had a very supportive mom because my daughter's dad did nothing and went to jail 8 days before her first birthday and been there since. She is going on 6. I've been through hell & back. I was scared, I didn't want to keep the baby, I was going to have a nervous breakdown. You just do the best you can do, show a lot of love (don't spoil the baby or nobody will ever watch him/, get much needed rest and make sure daddy get's a taste of middle of the night feedings, too (lol). Trust me, you'll be fine. It's scary at first but once you see that angel you are blessed with, all of those scared "b___terflies" will go away. I love my daughter more than I can imagine and I really contemplated giving her away to someone in my family because I was so scared and depressed, crying, felt alone, but I outgrew it and lived up to my responsibility. I wish you the best of luck and congrats!


SaraMariasha - June 2

Thank you very much LadyD. That is very helpful advice:)



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