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love_or_lust - February 1

Ok im looking for help. I havent gone to a doctor because I dont know what it is so if anyone could help me or tell me anything id apprecaite it. In the past three to four months ive gained weight not in general but it my lower stomach area. Ive had the morning sickness, the smell of food or any strong odor makes me sick and just about every sign of being pregnant I research for hour and just about every thing that ive been going through is a sign of it. I have strech marks on my stomach as a pregnant person would. That I just got last month. But ive had my period irregularly. Which ive researched happens to many people. But ive taken pregnancy test after pregnancy test and they all come back negative, My family says it could be my body not makeing enough of the hormone for the test to detect. Im just kinda wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I dont know what to do im strongly concidering visiting a doctor I just want someone elses thougths on it first. Is it possable.?


Crystal Star - February 1

It is possible that you are not producing enough hormones. I would go to the doctor and see what they say. Request an HcG Quant. It is a blood test that detects the amount in your blood and it can tell you a lot faster thana urine sample.


bvue - February 1

If you are not producing enough hormones to get result on a pregnancy test, you wouldn't have enough hormones to make you sick. I believe it is the same hormones. Best advice is to seek help from a doctor. They will tell you if you are or not pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - February 1

Did you have good exposure at the time you think you might have got pregnant? The test looks for the hCG hormone, while the symptoms are produced by progesterone etc. Once in a very great while a woman will not test positive in the first trimester. You need to visit a doctor for a check up to see if your signs are being produced by a pregnancy or a cyst. Good luck!


love_or_lust - February 1

I was trying at the time to become pregnant.


lunamoo - February 2

This sounds curious. Please go to the dr ASAP for blood test and let us know....Good luck!!


Angie8853 - February 2

It could be possiable that you are pregnant. Instead of going to a doctor just got to a health department and it will be so much eaiser on you and if its like the one I went to the pregnancy test will be free and maybe at your doctors office it will cost some money. Like my doctor said they could give me one for $50 dallors. So instead i went to the health department and took a free one. =] Angie


Grandpa Viv - February 2

The Health Department will not tell you anything more than a home preg test. You need a pelvic exam and ultrasound, or a beta hCG blood test which is not cheap. Good luck!



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