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delarosaj2002 - May 23

Hi hopefully someone can respond and give me their opinions, On Friday I went to my obgyn and I was told that according to my last menstral cycle and a positive pregnancy test that i was about 5 wks 3days pregnant. A va___al u.s showed no fetal pole and a 2nd u.s is scheduled for Thursday my obgyn said not to worry and that it was too early to see anything yet. On Monday evening after intercourse i started to bleed me and my husband were so scared we went to the hospital. i was told i was a high risk miscarriage because of the bleeding and told to rest. after a va___al exam the er doc told me my cervix was closed and there was no more blood and that was a good sign. they also did an va___al u.s but they said that i was 5weeks 2 days so my questions are.... Is it normal for a 2nd u.s to say i am fewer wks than the first, does that mean the baby will not grow? And is bleeding after intercourse so early a sugn of miscarriage? my husband and i have been trying for 6 years even did a i.u.i and didnt work finally it happened naturally and that y im so scared!!!! Thanks for taking the time to read this question and i would love to read your responses......... - scared and worried!


babybird - May 23

I don't think bleeding after intercourse is a sign of miscarriage if it was just light bleeding. Some of my friends have had this happen before. And as far as your u/s goes I've had that happen to me before. I don't think you should worry, I think it's just a good estimate not something concrete when they measure how far along you are with an ultrasound. Try not too worry too much. Good Luck!


JessDT - May 24

I'm not sure about the ultra sound thing but 'babybird' seems to have some great advice on that. as for the bleeding after intercourse i had that a lot when i was about as far are you are now. it scared me at frist but a girl i work with said that it was normal and now i an 35 weeks pregnant! as long as you doctor says that your cervix is closed you have nothing to worry about. good luck with you pregnancy and congrats!!


Rans - May 25

Hi - our stories sound so similar! My husband and I also tried to conceive for 6 years, I took tonnes of fert drugs. It finally happened for us though. I was also told I was pregnant and at the time they thought I was 5 weeks so sent me for an ultrasound, it showed no fetal pole and told me that I would most likely not carry to term. We were devestated. I ended up going back for another ultrasound 2 or 3 weeks later and that is when they found out that I was only just pregnant when I had my first ultrasound, it was way too early to see the fetal pole. I ended up having two more ultrasounds within the next month and everything looked really good. Things progressed well until my third month, then I started bleeding (really heavy bleeding) after intercourse. To the emerg we went, had another ultrasound, everything looked ok, good heartbeat, growth was good etc. but they still told me that because of the bleeding I would likely miscarry, take it easy etc. We left emerg and I saw my doctor the next day and she said no s_x for a month to see if that is what caused the bleeding. A couple days later, I was bleeding again, same thing, another ultrasound, told it was probably coming to an end and to prepare to miscarry. Again, saw my own doctor and she said try not to stress about it, some people bleed all the way through pregancy. Had another ultrasound (that is like 6 by now!) and everything looked great. About a month later (with no more bleeding) my doctor said to try having s_x, we were terrified but we did and no bleeding. We have both been really nervous about it so we don't do it often but have had no more problems when we have made love. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and feeling great. Starting to get really nervous about labour and delivery though!!! So to answer your question, yes it is common for them to date you wrong, and not everyone that bleeds will miscarry. All the odds were against us, trouble conceiving, bleeding, no fetal pole at early ultrasound but here we are 6 weeks away from meeting our little one! I know it is really hard, but try not to stress about it too much, it is really hard on you and the baby when you are over stressed. And like my doctor told me, if you miscarry it will be devestating, but now you know you can get pregnant and it doesn't mean that if you miscarry once, you will again. Take comfort in knowing that your body can conceive a child. 5 weeks is really early, I have heard/read stories of people that didn't see fetal pole till 10 weeks, take it easy and think that everyday that goes by is another day that your "bean" is growing. Hope to hear from you about how you are making out. I know how you feel, when I was first told to prepare to miscarry, I couldn't eat, sleep, work all I could do was sob and sob and sob. I will be thinking of you and praying all goes well. Randi



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