Scared And Need Some Input PLEASE HELP

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lalala16 - September 15

OK, I know many people here want to be pregnant, however under my circ_mstances I do not at this time. I took a pregnancy test last night, negative. I took one tonight (first response early response) and after 3 minutes there was nothing there. When I looked an hour later it had a faint pink line. This scared me so I went to the store and bought clear blue (to see if a different test would show) and it came up negative. What does this mean?!?! If I was on a 28 day cycle my period would have been last saturday, but the past couple months it has been a 37 day cycle, a 36 day cycle, and then a 28 day cycle. Will my OB/GYN do a blood test this soon? Are they expensive? and does it normally consist of an office visit as well? PLEASE HELP!


Grandpa Viv - September 15

Keep your post together, my dear. Each time you add a comment, the thread comes back to the top of the list. First off, use first morning pee with your tests - it contains more hormone. Dollar Store tests work fine, at a significant saving. If your last period started 8/17, then ovulation on a 28 day cycle would be 8/31, and the 8/30 episode would be far more likely responsible than an encounter more than a week earlier. Some women do not get a positive hpt until AF is 2 weeks late, and a few later. My suggestion right now is for you to take another test next Saturday first morning pee, and a second a week later. You do not mention many early signs - how about tired; peeing more, lotion discharge; unusual PMS timing and intensity e.g. ga__sy, acne, cramps; appet_te; smells; lightheaded; diarrhea; dreams; b___bs and nips; backache and headache; runny nose etc? Good luck!


eclipse - September 16

Also, you shouldn't look at a test that late, it was probably an evaporation line. An hour later is not accurate at all. Did you skip your period or have you gone the longest of your cycles yet? I would test again in a few days in the am, and if you still get conflicting results, call an OB. Ask for the billing/financial department and they should be able to tell you the cost of blood work and an office visit. I'm a__suming you are self pay? Also ask if they can offer a self pay discount. Let us know how you are doing~


lalala16 - September 16

Sorry, I shouldn't keep posting, I am just that nervous. I my FMU today with the same first response early response that showed me a faint line last night, and it was negative. The only thing I have is sore b___bs/nipples, but that could also be because A. I keep pressing on them to see if they are sore or swollen or B. Because I sleep on my stomach. I never usually get this as a PMS symptom. I do have diarrhea, but that could be nerves, my appet_te has not increased, I am tired, but I also haven't been sleeping well. I wish I had a consistent cycle so I could know!


lalala16 - September 16

I have also been running a fever of about 99.2, I don't know if that means anything.


so - September 16

can you still have a heavy period and still b pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - September 16

The elevated temperature is a sign of pregnancy for those who do temperature charting - if it stays there for 18 days (and is not caused by a bug) then it is very positive. Tired, but can't sleep right is a frequent post. Do you remember if your libido was particularly high at your 8/30 encounter (i.e. s_x drive was high). That would be a sign you were close to ovulation, which would mean A) you have a 30% chance of pregnancy and B) you are indeed late for AF. I stick by the suggestion of a couple more tests at one week intervals. hCG doubles every few days. Good luck!


lalala16 - September 16

I actually do not remember, my libido is usually the same and never seems to change. I did take answer ovulation tests starting the 30th. On the 30th I showed no LH Surge, I took them almost every day and it is my first month so I think I read them wrong, however they went from having no line in the LH surge and just the test line, to having dark lines on both, and now I'm back to having nothing in the LH surge. Does that mean I could have just ovulated late this cycle and that I'm not pregnant


Grandpa Viv - September 17

Yes, the OPK suggest that you ovulated late, and that decreases the chance of pregnancy from the 8/30 encounter. Remember sperm can survive 5 days. Why are you running OPK if you do not want to be pregnant ?


lalala16 - September 18

I am using OPK to find out when I ovulate because my fiance and I are TTC, however due to the rape I was hoping not to be pregnant, not an ideal situation if you know what I mean. I did start to bleed today a little, still having negative results, I think it's my period. What do you think?



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