Scared Like Hell

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Lexi - March 2

I am 11 weeks pregnant and scared out of my mind.This wasn't planned but I am also excited. Anyways I have to get my blood drawn and I pass out at the sight of blood or needles. Even the thought! Then there is the whole epidureul and labor. Am I better off having a C section? I am only 4ft 11 if it matters. Thanks


momof3 - March 3

Lexi, I believe you still have to get an epidureul with a c-section or some thing close. I am totaly afraid of needles. The way I do it is I keep telling my self it's for the baby and I DON'T look at the needle. Your stronger than you know. Good luck!


Heidi - March 3

My friend said when it comes time for labor, you don't care what they do to you. As long as they make the pain stop!!!! So you'll be okay. Just don't look.


E - March 3

Lexi, by the time you are in your third trimester, something kicks in and the fear of labor (sort of) goes away. Not totally but it greatly diminishes. It is like your body says, "get this thing out me b4 I go nuts." Trust me:) The anxiety is normal, early in pregnancy. Best wishes.


rose - March 3

lexi -you dont NEED to get an epidural...i had my daughter with no medication at all and with my son(i was induced and the labor was awful)they gave me a drug called statol to take the edge off...i am ttc again and i think i will get the epidural this time(i want to try and enjoy the labor a little more) and it is so true that when the time comes you really dont care what they do to will not be embara__sed, you will not care about needles....all you will think about is getting it over....


J - March 3

I too am scared of needles and did fine when they did they epidural. They numb your back first and you can't see what they are doing. It doesn't hurt. Trust me it is great. After they put in my epidural I slept for a few hours until I started pushing and my son came out within a half an hour and I didn't feel a thing.



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