Scared Of Another Miscarriage Please Help

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Jokat - July 15

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I'm scheduled for an ultrasound next week. My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for over 2 years now. We got pregnant on Clomid in '04 and detected a heartbeat at 7.5 weeks. Later miscarried at 9 weeks. Now after multiple rounds of Clomid and being on Metformin I'm pregnant again and driving myself mad worrying about another miscarriage. I have no spotting this time and I did last time but what about a va___al ultrasound?? Should I be worried about this causing bleeding or spotting?? What should I do?? I'm going crazy with anxiety please help!!!


Rhonda - July 15

Jokat it is quit normal for women to fear having a m/c especially if you have already had one.I have had 3m/c over the past 5 yrs,but just b/c you had one dose not mean you will have another one.Each wk the rate goes lower and lower for your chances of having one.If a m/c is going to happen,then there is nothing that can be done to stop it.I understand your worry and a v____al u/s is safe.just try to keep relaxed and dont be stressing over it,do your best to enjoy your pregnancy.Things will be okay for you.Congratulations on your pregnancy.


sophandbob - July 16

Congratulations on your news. I actually had a v____al U/S when they thought I was micarrying, so i am sure it must be ok, or else they would'nt've done it. I completely understand your worry. I was fortunate that it was a threatened miscarriage, but my entire pregnancy has been filled with panic and anxiety. The dr has finally realised how bad it i and has offered me councelling, which will hopefully help me calm down. I hope you manage to get some support and can enjoy your pregnancy.


sahmof3 - July 16

My first pregnancy ended in m/c. With the next three pregnancies I had early v____al u/s's w/ no problems. With baby #2 I had also been on Clomid and Metformin for PCOS.


Jokat - July 17

Thanks everyone. That makes me feel somewhat better for sure.


krissy79 - July 17

How many other children have you had?


Angie in MI - July 17

Hi there, I didn't have fertilization problems, but I did suffer a m/c with my first pregnancy. I worried the entire pregnancy that something was going to go wrong. I was a wreck! Every weird ache I worried myself to tears. I now have a wonderfully healthy 4 month old baby girl cooing in the other room. You will worry it is only normal. You will probably drive you and your husband mad, but know that more than likely even thing will turn out fine. Good luck to you!


Jokat - July 17

I have one other child from a previous relationship.


kristlynn80 - July 17

hi there...i know what you mean about worrying about having a miscarriage. This is my first pegnancy, but still worried. I am 5 weeks and 5 days today...about the v____al u/s....i have had about 7 since week 4 due to a possible ectopic (turned out to be twins in the uterus!!), but a v____al u/s hasnt caused any bleeding for me..and i asked about the harm it could do to the baby...and my dr said none. i guess just trust your dr and GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!



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