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mamaMA - July 25

Only 24 weeks along, soon 25...and all these thoughts about labor pains and complications scare me so much. I know it's all wonderful afterwards because I love this baby inside me and there's so much to look forward to--BUT head is full of images and the birthing movies I've seen really freak me out! For those who have had experienced difficult labour--how did you cope while it's happening?? (biting my teeth).


Rilla - July 25

Hello. I am 25 weeks into my second pregnancy. I too was a little worried during my first pregnancy, but thank goodness not for long. I chose to take control of my fears. I read lots of books on birth and labour so I understood what would happen and why. I thought of the pain as being positive with an end point, that would deliver my baby to me. I found that the birthing movies were of little help to me. All they showed were babies being born. The mess the woman screaming. It may look like a horror movie, but it was not like that for me at all. I felt in control, I did not cry or scream ( that much) even when the pain did get bad, I just took it each bit at a time. I did not have any drugs apart from the gas ( I don't think that did alot to help). Try not to plan the birth, because you will only feel disapointed if it does not go your way, you may not feel in control at all. Hope so of these ideas help


Lissi - July 25

I'm 34 weeks and I find that as time goes on, I get less scared about giving birth. I just feel uncomfortable now that I just want this baby out and I don't care how it happens. The excitement of seeing my baby is driving me on as well. I'm just going to focus on the end result, and hopefully that will get me through it. Good luck mamaMA! When I've had my baby, I'll come back and let you know how I coped.


P - July 25

Like you, I too was scared to death. I think my lovely daughter felt my fear and took care of it for me. She was lounging by the pool sideways so I had to have a c-section instead. Strange to hear someone relieved at having a c-section huh? Not only did I have a c-section with her but she did her job so well that any subsequent babies will also have to be c-sections!! What a good baby. lol


mamaMA - July 26

Like, what kind of pain is it comparable to??? (still biting teeth). Rilla, is it like you're going to pa__s out? PLEASE Lissi...let me know how your delivery goes.


autum - July 26

when i had my son i was only 17 yrs old. Maybe that has alittle to do with my expirence. however i didnt get the early labour period for 18 hours it was hard full b__wn labour. And yes it hurt like mygod it hurt, but the thing that got me through was women havae been doing this for years, at the end of it all my baby is going to be in my arms and it;ll all be over. I'm right in the hospital if anything was too happen and i did all that no drugs. but whatever your experience is look to the bright side. it won't last forever. i am currently expercing my second and im not scared at alll this time around. i wish you luck and believe that you can do this with you eyes closed and one arm tied behind you back. us women a amazing creators


Karen - July 26

I am 31 weeks and I too worry sometimes. I just pray and tell myself that women have been doing this for centuries so our bodies are built that way andd for that. I have images of all sorts of things and fear any complications. Again I pray and trust God all will be well. I am really excited to see what my baby looks like and cant wait to hold him. All the best and trust all will be well.


MCC - July 26

I'm scared too. Is it like your skin down there will be ripped apart? And it will last until the baby is all out? What is labor pain like? I hear some women go through labor pains for more than 24 hours. What is it like?


Jodie - July 26

If labour were the worst thing in the world everyone would be an only child, i coped by thinking as my contractions got stronger and closer together that i would soon be meeting my baby, theres nothing more exciting than that - July 26

Mother of 3 -- another due in a month. Your question of how does it feel reminds me of Carol Burnet. She says "grab your bottom lip, pull it out a little, and now .... STRETCH IT OVER YOUR HEAD." We won't hurts. But the labor is NOT as bad as you fear. The fear is actually the worst part. Like many (including you) said -- just think about that beautiful baby. Remember that your body was made to do this and it WILL cope. Give it a few more months and you'll be so big and miserable you'll be dying for that first labor pain to hit you. Also, as said before .... if it was that bad we'd all be only children and none of us would be on pregnancy #2, 3, or 4. The pain stops.... I promise !!! I remember that the most painful part was actually birthing the placenta. Can you imagine? You just pa__sed a 7 pound baby through an opening that started at the size of a pin head ... yet this squisy little thing hurts more. But at this point you'll be holding or looking at your baby and once again .... the pain isn't so bad !


SOLEIL - July 26



BBK - July 26

If it's any consolation my wife went through labor (v____al delivery) two weeks ago. She says she's no longer scared of it and it pales in comparison with caring for a newborn.


miranda - July 26

If you are scared of it you will make it worse. The best thing to do is read up on it and take a cla__s and be prepared. You will be too busy having a baby to worry much about it then anyway, but your att_tude can make all the difference in the world.


Jodie - July 27

I agree with BBK, after having my first, then having to deal with no sleep, cracked nipples, st_tches and everything else a new mother has to deal with i realised labour was the easy part


Emma - July 28

mamaMa, I with you on this one! This will be my first too and it scares the living daylights out of me the thought of giving birth. I think I need to stop watching these birthing programmes cause they're making me worse! Good Luck to you anyway. I don't suppose it can be that bad if all these women keep going back 2 and 3 times over?


Melissa - July 28

I think I am actually more scared of the whole hospital part than actually giving birth. I hate big machines and needles and all that but I would never want to have my baby at home either. I think I'm more scared of the IV than labor!! Haha, but I know at the time it will probably be different, but....I'm still scared!



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