Scared Of When The Baby Comes

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Michela - November 18

Hi, I am about to be a first time mom and I am 32 weeks preg. I am terrified of being a mom!!!! Mostly I am anxious about just getting the labour started. I have pretty good pain tolerance, but the anticipation is brutal. I know I am a ways off yet, but YIKES!! Also I am scared of how I will react when the baby is put in my arms for the first time. I have read so many stories about mom's not bonding with their babies and I am terrified of that and I am terrified of PPD. I know that PPD is something that happens and I give a lot of credit to women dealing with it, but man can it be scary!!!, especially some of the stories you hear in the news. I am also scared that I won't know what to do when I get the baby home, when there are no nurses to help!!! My DH is a great man and will really help me, but I just wish I knew how things were going to work out!! I know that no one ever does, but it would sure ease my nerves!! Could some of you mom's share your stories of how you reacted to becoming a mom and anyone else who may have the same fears, please share them!!! Thanks!!


Franny - November 18

Well my dear all your nightmares AND dreams will come true. Motherhood is a very scary role indeed! I was very depressed after my first and much better with my second. My second was born at home, so I am a HUGE advocate for home birth and midwife care. Good luck!!


tigerlilly - November 18

Aww .. bless you!..try not to worry too much... im sure it will all come natural too you.... its the most precious thing in the world... as for the labour well thats why they call it labour,,,,, lol.... but just keep focusing on that gorgeous baby you will have at the end and it will all be worth it. And dont always listen to much to people stories of how awful it was because everybody deals with it in there own way!!.... its just the unknown.... you just enjoy every minute of your baby because they grow up fast,,,, good luck!


GiannaJ - November 19

Try not to worry Michela - everything will be fine! You will make it through the labor (with or without drugs) and you will bond with your beautiful baby, and you and your DH will learn something new every day once you take the baby home. I have never had the pleasure of being a mother (yet) but I watched my good friend as she went through all the same things you are currently experiencing. By the time she had the baby, she was quite the little wreck. :-) But you know what? She did great in labor, and fell in love with her baby. She didn't know how to do everything, but she learned, and realized there were a lot more people around her to give her advice then she realized. And she laughs now over how panicked she was before having her son. Your experience will be individual to YOU. You may be scared at times, anxious at others, and maybe even experience a little PPD. OR, you might find you are not as scared as you think, are comfortable with your baby, and have no depression issues whatsoever. It's hard for an outsider to say this but try not to worry yourself too much. With all the hormones, you may find yourself more emotional about all of these things than you would be otherwise. You are going to be great! But what your are feeling is normal and I don't think I have ever met ANY mother who was calm and completely at ease with the situation. Birthing a baby is a big deal! At the same time, you will be surrounded by people who can help you when you need it. Good Fortune to you and your DH!!!


heatherjene - November 20

I believe every mother has had those same fears, I too am pregnant with my first child, and I can relate to you completely. First of all have faith in yourself, your body was strong enough to get you this far, and you will be strong enough and know exactly what your baby needs - Mother's instincts- If a problem arises, deal with it then, but enjoy being a mother first and foremost and the rest will surely follow. I wiil keep you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers!!


Michela - November 23

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement. This board is so great for moral support of moms and moms to be. It is just nice to know that with all the mood swings and hormones we are feeling and dealing with, we are not going crazy!!! Fears and some anxieties are normal!!! Good luck to everyone with your little ones, they truly are gifts!!



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