Scared To Death

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Karen - June 22

I think I am having a reality check today. Can you image in about 14 weeks I am goign to be the mother of another human being. I mean totally responsible for the first half of his life. Then for the rest of his life worry and care for him. I am so scared what if I do something to effect the outcome of his life harm him in some way ?. I have been praying for God to give me and guide me to being the Mother I sopose to for him. Sopose this little person who I love more than my own life does not even like me ? !!! I hope that its only my hormones are acting up


Me too - June 22

I am actually only 3 1/2 months, and I've had these "panic attacks" too. It's scary as hell. To know that you'll be taking this child through most of his life. The only thing that I find of comfort to me, is that I will be staying at home to be with my child for as long as I possibly can. The interaction between a mother and child is priceless. My mother didn't have that kind of bond with myself or my siblings, and we were all screwed up in our own ways for quite awhile (some of them still are). So, give this child all the love you have, and never put him in second place (not now, mommy's busy). Children cannot be spoiled by love. Discipline is vital though, otherwise, the child WILL resent you and walk all over you. Best wishes. I'm sure that you'll be a good mother. The simple fact that you are concerned about this shows that you will be. Baby dust!!!


Jessicca - June 22 shouldn't be stressing. God is giving you this little gift...he wouldn't choose you if he knew you were not going to be a good mom. It's your hormones and your getting there close to your last months...your having pre-mom jitters. I'm having my first baby, I'm 33 weeks...when I was in my 2nd. trimester I was like you I must admit it...but you have family and friends to care and help you through this! Your going to be a great mother...don't stress! Be happy. In a few weeks or so you'll start feeling great about your self!


Just a point - June 22

Not trying to deflate anyone's balloon, but there are unfit mothers out there too. Does God choose them? Karen, you'll be great, don't worry.


Karen - June 22

Thanks everyone. I love kids I really do. I have newphews, nieces and a step daughter . I adore them all. I am feeling a lot better now. My little man has been moving about I feel that be far this is the greatest experience in all my pregnancy. I love him soo much. I have already started making plans for his college fund. As soon as he is in this world I am going to open an account for him. I have money budjected to place in the account every month and I have his christaning day plan as well as his god parents choosen. I have my schedule worked out for his feeding when I am at work and plans to pump his milk for him. I even have his preschool (which is rated one of the best in my area) picked out . I also have his primary and secondary school choosen. College is up to him (although I have the one in mind I would love for him to go to) I have plans to take him to parks, kid centres, I even have educational toys for him. I sorry I am just a planner and love to think ahead and plan ahead. Sometimes I think I am crazy and dont want to pressure him to much to early,


Lissi - June 22

I'm freaking out about the responsibilty too. I'd think it's normal for a first baby. Don't worry. We'll get by. You'd be a bad mother if you didn't worry about the effect you could have on your baby. I don't suppose there is such a thing as a perfect parent, but I reckon you'll be a great mom. We all have to learn by trial and error. You sound a lot more organised than me. I still haven't got a clue about feeding schedules, activities and schools. You're already thinking like a mom, which is something I can't seem to get my head round at the moment. You'll be fine! :)


To just a point - June 22

I totally agree. God gives babies to evil people too.


D - June 22

I believe my child is a gift from God too, although I have to agree that He sends children to both fit and unfit parents... just like He sends the rain on the just and unjust... what makes the difference is our response: whether or not we start out every day praying for His guidance to be the best moms we can be. I'm fearful of the same things you verbalized... but, the best that any of us can do is take it one day at a time. I believe the Bible says: train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it... It doesn't say that the teenage years won't be tough or that it won't seem like he/she is departing from "it" for awhile!


Karen - June 22

To the last comment I think it is people who dissapoint God. Maybe he saw something in them we could not see and they still went and dissapointed him.



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