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Scared! - April 12

I will be taking a 5 hour flight in June, I will be 24-25 weeks pregnant when we go....My doc already said it is okay to fly, but I am VERY VERY scared of flying, pregnant or not.......I don't like it at all, and with me being pregnant, I'm afraid I might start freaking out and getting really scared and might be putting stress on the baby or there anyone out there who can ease my mind about flying so I don't freak out...I don't want to hurt my baby in any way or go into early labor on a plane! please help me...thanks


Jena - April 12

I really don't think you would go into labor that early - don't worry about that. I'm not sure what you dislike about flying, but I'll guess and maybe it will help. As for safety, you are much, much safer on a plane than in a car. As for being claustrophobic, it helps to walk around and see how "big" the plane is - you can play mind games :) - drink tons of water so you will be hydrated and also pre-occupied with having to pee, and also, grab some juicy magazines or something like that that really grabs your attention - that helps me. Last of all, enjoy your trip pre-baby - it'll get harder next time when you want your baby to stop crying :). And today my doctor said I can fly up to 34 weeks and I am preggo with twins! GL!!!


Scared! - April 12

Thanks Jena, I will do all that stuff, what I'm scared of most, is of course crashing....Whenever I'm on a plane, I am always thinking "Okay, How long before we go down"...I know it sounds insane, but I hate hate hate it! and my husband and I live in CA, and our family lives in Michigan...thats why we are going back....but it makes me more scared now that I'm pregnant, because I don't want anything to happen to our baby, also we are so young, only married 3 months, I'm 20, he's just makes me really nervous...thank you so much for your help... :-)


leslie - April 12

you remind me soo much of my bf!! its funny..he won't get in a plane..even if its a 30 min. flight!! one time we went to New York and he had to drink vodka to be able to relax the funny thing is that he doesn't really like vodka and hates strong a plane he will forget about all that and just drink like crazy!! and he HATES turbulance sp? too bad you can't even drink.. All I can say is get some nice pregnancy/baby magazines and try to relax..Good Luck!!


al - April 13

take a headset and walkman or ipod or something with soothing sounds on it and fall asleep on the plane. thats what i do. keep up your fluids as u will dehydrate and keep lotion on feet/hands so they dont dry out. u'll be fine


Jamie - April 13

hey, don't freak out about flying - it could be worse...I'll be making a 14 hour flight when I'm 32 weeks! LOL - I live in Germany, but am going home to the States to see my parents before I have the baby, then coming back to Germany to actually deliver. My advice? SLEEP - it gets me through every single flight - if you have a movie or a book or a CD or tape that puts you to sleep regularly, make use of it - it'll make the flight go by a LOT faster. Also, I'd say, rather than drinking on the flight, drink plenty before you get on the plane, then just ask for cups of ice to chew/suck while you're in the air - that way, you won't be visiting the little tiny bathroom every 10 minutes!


Maleficent - April 13

i'm going to be flying in my 7th month....with my two other kids! (talk about nervous. hehe.) i guess in a way it will be easier for me since i'll be more focused on keeping a 7yo and a 2yo occupied....want to borrow them? okay seriously, take some head phones, drink plenty of water, and try not to stress. i don't mind flying but i still get a little nervous during take off and landing once i'm in the air i'm okay. if you can get through those i think you'll be fine.


Mellissa - April 14

if you go to the book store, they have books and stuff on fears of flying, you should pick up one, and maybe pick up some other books to read on the plane.


Julia - April 20

I am also scared of flying, I miss out on a lot of oppurtunities to take vacations because I'm too scared to get on a plane, and now that I'm pregnant, I definitley am not getting on a plane. I understand what your going through.



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