Scheduled C Section This Friday

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Marie - October 10

Hello everyone. I am having a pre-operative appt. this Wed. and a scheduled c-section on Friday. Can anyone tell me what I should expect on those days? Any advice or pointers? Anything will be greatly appreciated. I am very nervous and anxious just knowing I am finally gonna have this baby. I am 38 wks. Thanks and good luck to all of you.


kl - October 10

hi marie...i had a scheduled c-section with my first and i am planning on having one with this best advice to you is to try and relax...i know its hard but everything will be okay...and be prepared for the operating room...its cold and sterile...not very warm and inviting like alot of the labor and delivery rooms...i actually thought that having a c-section was a breeze...i guess i was luck in that respect...also make sure you take your doctors or nurses advice when they ask you to get up an walk that actually does make a difference and helps speed up your isn't fun and it is painful but well worht the effort...please let me know if you have any specific questions i might be able to answer...if not good luck to you!


Mary - October 10

Good luck I wish you all the best!


Narcissus - October 10

Hi Marie, pack some comfy clothes. You will probably be staying for 4 nights, and it is nice to put on your own clothes and walk around. Also, when your milk comes in, it can stain whatever you are wearing very suddenly, so pack a little extra clothing. I did not want to wear the hosp. gown any longer than I needed to. I wore my pregnancy pants b/c the site of the incision is very tender. You will not want any pressure on it. Last, pack socks for the baby, most hospitals do not put socks on your baby. Good luck!!!


Jamie - October 11

In addition to socks for baby, pack the little mits...babies are born with very sharp nails, and very tender skin, so they can scratch themselves easily, but the nails are too soft to clip.


Jessica - October 11

I wish you the best on friday, GOOD LUCK!!!!! Let us know how everything went.


Tammy - October 11

Marie- I just found out today that I have to have a c-section. I am 37 weeks, 4 days and I had an ultrasound which shows that my son is breech and 9 pounds, 1 ounce. They said that there is no chance of him tunring. I am scared to death. I had 2 v____al deliveries which were a breeze. I have heard that the recovery for c-sections is hard. I was told that they would do it about 39 weeks, which should make him about 10 pounds!! Good luck to you.


a - October 11

MARIE!!! congrats and youll be fine!!! its scary but in the end when you hold your baby... thats what makes it ALL worth it!!!! good luck



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