Second Baby Shower

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Katharine - July 14

I am one of those who believe that a second baby shower is not really appropirate for a second child (unless under certain cirumstances), but my co-workers are throwing me one. I must say that I am thrilled! I am so ready for baby to be here (I'm 38 wks) and am excited to celebrate her! So, being this far along, we have bought most of the things we will need (all in pink, of course). So, I'm looking for some suggestions of things I can mention when people ask what I need (not unsolicited, of course). I was thinking diapers and wipes and some bigger clothes. Any other suggestions?


Julie - July 14

If your co-workers are insisting on throwing you one take advantage. If you already have everything you need I would suggest diapers, wipes, and other things that you don't already have. I agree I am not one for having a second shower but I think work friends are different. It would be different if you mom or best friend were throwing you a shower and you were sending out invites.


Shelly - July 14

I really can't see why its inappropiate to have a second baby shower,i think with a babyshower you celebrate the arrival of a new baby;1 or 5 they are all special.You could ask for a "babies first medical box" ,or a baby gym,or hooded towels,etc


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 15

Gift cards, maybe they can all go together and get you one that you can maybe buy a big item with like a high chair or stroller. Everyone loves to buy clothes. Also stock up on mylicon drops! lol


Jamie - July 15

If you don't need "things" that are baby-specific, you could always consider this to be your baby's first birthday party and suggest a savings bond for your new baby, or a cash donation to a local hospital or charity in the baby's name.


Katharine - July 15

I love the idea about medicines. That stuff is expensive and I have had to throw out my older daughter's stuff, since it was expired. I would LOVE gift cards, but hate to ask for them. Maybe I could just suggest that I mainly need Wal-mart stuff-daipers, wipes, medications, etc and maybe they'll go that direction! that would also help, because we have already bought a second baby seat base for the second car, but will also need a new booster seat for big sister. Thanks for all the ideas!


Katharine - July 16

I got lucky and my co-worker e-mailed my husband and he gave her a list of things I have mentioned wanting, but haven't bought. I can't believe he was actually listening! Super bonus points for DH!


Lisa*9 - July 16

What about an hear therometer. If you don't have one. We have a braun also ask them to buy extre probes for the devise.


Lisa*9 - July 16

Another thing would be a soaker pads the ones they use in the hospitals for the beds.



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