Secretly Trying To Get Pregnant

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Sara - February 7

Is there anyone that is secretly tring to get pregnant? Without their partner knowing about it.


L - February 7

That's messed up, you should include your partner in a decision like this one, it's life changing and your partner may not be ready for that type of change or responsiblity, your looking for trouble!!!


? - February 7

cant blame u though as men dont always want babies but when they are born they are all over them. i think u have to be smarter than men doing the same thing.


Sissy - February 7

I know what u mean, but i think it is best if u really talk to ur partner about it.I am at times tempted to do so too, but i don't think it's such a good idea. So instead i'm going step by step..1st told him about another, he said "NO WAY ! " , nagged him a bit, still no, after a while , he thought about it... Now told him " i'm stoping the pill " He didn't complain, or never told me to go back on it or use rubbers etc... Now I'm throwing hints at him. He's coming around slowly.This Way , No pressure on him ! I'm just being very patient , i know he loves kids, he's just scared about the responsabilities , money etc...My advice, TALK to him, pour out ur heart to him, he might change his mind ! Good luck to u !


Concerned - February 7

You should always make sure you know whether your partner wants children or not. If you know they would be excited...go ahead and surprise them... and if you're not sure, find out, or ask a friend to find out. But you shouldn't try when you don't know, or when you know they don't want to. I had some friends that were splitting up, and she begged and pleaded for him to sleep with her "one last time" (her knowing what time of the month it was). She got pregnant just to keep him/make it hard on him to leave... even though she knew he was completely unhappy, and DIDN'T want kids with her... :-(


j - February 7

i secretly got pregnant, i came off the pill, cus i really wanted a baby, i miscarried, and now my partner refuses to have s_x wiv me unless he wears a condom! It can either turn out good or bad


BELLE - February 7



~m~ - February 8

If you want to do it to prevent a break up, BAD MOVE! Very desperate! But if you and him have talked about having children, and you know he wants them (with you), then it might be a nice surprise for him. However, even if you know he would be pleasantly surprised, it might be a good idea to at least discuss it to make sure now is a good time for both of you.


evelyn - February 18

how cani get pregnant


Ok to the last post - February 18

My God! That is just wrong. I have to say Evelyn....s_x is the answer for pregnancy. You have better chances when you are ovulating.


kate - February 18

I would not ..but could not pull one over my husband like that...birth control is something both of us take care of.


Heavenly - February 18

My Mom is my birth control! We have to hump like rabbits while she is gone. Or else while we are in the middle of doing our thing we wil over hear her farting as she makes her way to her room. Real turn on. Makes my husband crawl up inside himself!


another one to evelyn - February 18

if u have to ask, u dont need to be thinking about getting pregnant!! And for the one under that, "key is insertion"..... lol too funny!! don't forget the other key = it is best that the man shoot his wad! lol


Yo Evelyn - February 18

Are you sorry you asked now?? Haha.


kat - February 18

lol,to evelyn,and heavenly,you guys crack me up! :o)


SR - February 19

its one thing to secretly try when he know d__n well your not on b/c, kinda more like not trying not to...its a whole different story if u pretend to be on b/c or something, thats wrong


Maleficent - February 19

it's wrong no matter how you look at it. wrong wrong wrong.



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