Self Induction

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suze - July 3

Hi, I am currently 36+3 weeks pregnantwith my 3rd child. At 31 weeks I went into pre-term labour and the hospital had to give me medication to stop it from progressing. For the last 4 days I have been having not-too-bad labour pains, but have been starting and stopping as they please. I have tried long walks, eaten spicy indian curries, nipple stimulation, s_x and just today i have tried castor oil. I have severe sciatica, carpel tunnel and swollen ankles and feet. I have had ALOT of pressure on my butt for a few weeks now, as well as pain in my groin. I was also constipated so bad that whilst I was doing a bowel motion it hurt so much that I thought the baby was trying to push it's head out. Today at 1:15pm, I had a teaspoon of castor oil mixed with half a glass of orange juice. Didn't taste bad at all. Had some tightenings in my tummy an went to the toilet 1/2 hour after that and did a "normal" bowel motion. Does anyone have ANY suggestions at all as to how I could relieve the pains that I am experiencing and/or for more natural ways to induce labour. I am willing to try anything. I have 2 gorgeous girls at home to look after while my husband is at work and it is prooving to be very difficult in my condition. i look forward to your replies! Thanks heaps! Suze.


Deb - July 3

I wouldn't recommend self-inducing. The baby isn't even full term until 37 weeks. I know you are uncomfortable (so am I at 38 weeks), but the baby will come out when it is ready. Besides, all the methods you have mentioned are the ones I have heard. There is no magical way to induce yourself. Just try to be patient.


livdea - July 3

baby will come when they are ready. I'm SO ready to have my girly here too and have been trying everything as well. Doesn't matter what you try, if she and you are NOT ready then nothings going to work. and like Deb said babies not even full term yet. yes you are days away but still!! be paitent...I can't believe I'm saying that, I've been pulling my hair out trying to have this baby...actually Deb knows that about me! I'm 38+ weeks at the moment as well and waiting. Good luck!


HannahBaby - July 3

36 is considered preterm sweetheart, and A TEASPOON on castor oil wont do anything.........


luvacuppajoe - July 3

I have to agree, I think you're rushing things. If the methods you used haven't worked, it's nature's way of telling you that baby isn't quite ready. I induced myself with both pregnancies with a couple of squares of exlax, but it did it only on my due dates, and had the girls within 24 hours. I was told that by using a laxative (which is what the castor oil is too) that it gets the bowels contracting, which will also get the uterus contracting. But if the baby's not ready, then all you'll have is a bowel movement, which you found out. I know how horribly uncomfortable and impatient those last few weeks are, but it's crucial that you give the baby as much time as s/he needs to continue laying on fat and finishing growing. Hang in there!


Lala - July 3

My dear, you think you're uncomfortable now--try having to go to the NICU several times a day after you are discharged home without your pre-mature baby. Try pumping at home every 3 hours day and night, taking care of your older kids, and still getting into the hospital in time for feedings. Try looking at your baby on oxygen struggling to breath, and getting repeatadly poked for IV's because you couldn't wait a few more weeks! NO! This is the time to put your baby's needs aheah of your own! Your due date isn't for a month!! BEST TO YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ONE!


sa__sifras - July 3

It sounds like you have tried everything!! I agree, it must mean that the little one just isn't ready. All of the discomfort will be well worth it when your full term baby does finally arrive:)



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