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Michelle - March 15

Does anyone know if it is safe to use a self tanning lotion while pregnant? I am 32 weeks and have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks. As if the big stomach wasnt enough to make me feel like the ugly duckling, I also look so pale I could be transparent! I defineitly would not go to a tanning salon or out in the sun so I was hoping that a little rub on lotion may be safe to do the trick??? Any clues?


to michelle - March 15

I know you said you would not go to a tanning salon but you could use just the facial tanners in the tanning salon, that should be safe. When your pale and you use a self tanner you can look orange. Or try a good bronzer!


kmh - March 16

Michelle, I live by self tanners and love them. The new ones though, bronzers. Lancome has a great bronzer mousse for the body and bronzer gel for the face. I put it on with latex gloves (not too thick) and then lightly on my hands and feet. Take a damp edge of a towel and wipe off nails when done. You'll look great. I'm planning on using it my whole pregnancy if I have the energy. It has vitamin E in it too.


Hiedi - March 16

I have read that it is safe to use a self tanner while you are pregnant.


Michelle - March 18

Thanks everyone for your help!!! Now I am not so terrified to go to the wedding since I can at least have a bit of a glow to take the attention of of how huge I am getting :-) Cheers!!!!!


Kim - March 19

Michelle, do you have a tanning salon that offers Mystic Tans where you live. It is a spray on tan that lasts about 5 days and usually looks very natural. I am only 8 weeks but I have a wedding this summer and I plan to use Mystic Tans for that wedding. It is as safe as a self tanner, which you could also add to touch up areas like your face. Good luck!


Michelle - March 21

Thanks Kim. I will look into the Mystic tanning as well. Does it look pretty natural?


Julie - March 28

I'm so glad someone else asked this question...Why are self tanners safe but hair dye isn't? I want to spray tan too but was nervous. Does Mystic Tan say it's safe?


amanda - March 30

I am starting an airbrush tanning business and have learned alot about sunless tanning products. My sis is also a hairdresser! So I can answer your question Julie! First of all, hair dye uses chemicals to color your hair. The dying agents in hair color are much different in self tanners. Self tanners (all of them) use a product called DHA. This is what actually dyes the first few layers of your skin. This product is NOT a harsh chemical. I don't think it's a chemical at all, but I would have to check. I know alot of self tanners are natural and even some are sugar based. So they are much different than hair dye. Plus, hair dye is meant to be either permanant or semi permanent so the chemical has to penetrate deep into the hair. Self tanners don't need to do this.


Natalie - April 22

Michelle, i was wondering the same thing too! and im going to a wedding in two weeks, how weird is that? have you found it a nightmare finding something to wear? i asked my midwife at my last appointment about using salf tan and she said it was fine, she has been a midwife for 20 years and says she has never heard or read that it is unsafe and finds it hard to believe that it would go through 3 layers of skin into our blood then through to the baby. hope you enjoy your wedding, Nat x


Mel - April 22

You ought to try Loreal Sublime Tanning Gelee...they sell it at drugstores and all...(like Rite-Aid or CVS). It goes on really smooth and smells a lot better than other self tanners. give it a try!


April - April 22

Julie... apparently hair dye isn't that bad... because enough of the chemical doesn't get absorbed into your skin to harm the baby... especially if you only do highlights or something... my hair dresser said she dyed her hair several times when she was pregnant.. and she dyes other pregnant women's hair quite a bit... I personally can wait till after I have the baby to do it, but if my hair started looking bad I don't think dying your hair once during the pregnancy would do anything (other than the hormones may make the dye turn weird colors).. as for self tanners... I don't know if i would dare use them... because there hasn't been enough research done on the effects of them.. although I doubt they would hurt anything...


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - April 22

According to my doctor: You can dye your hair in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, just not in the first. As for self tanners, completely safe. I like (and use ) Bain de Soleil, about $8.00 a bottle. :o)


~S~ - April 22

I find air brush tans a lot better than applying a self tanner. I've tried a lot of self tanners before I started using the tanning beds (no not while I've been pregnant) and I hated the way the self tanners started to streak in the creases of my body, like in my elbows, behind my knees and it would eventually rub off on some of my clothes, like under the armpits and around the colar. I haven't had that problem with an airbrush tan and them seem to go on A LOT more evenly.



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