Semi Stupid Question But Would Really Love Some Reassurance

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TucsonHelpful - February 16

Okay, here goes. I am supposed to get AF today. My cycle is usually 30 days and today is 30. Nothing yet (and praying AF stays away!!!) :-) Anyhow, I was having some pains in the lower, right side (in the pelvic region) one and a half weeks ago and thought it felt an awful lot like a cyst pain ( I have had cysts before). I went to the doctor and was examined by a nurse pract_tioner who said she did not feel any cysts. Here is my stupid, stupid dilemma - she was pushing on my ovaries, tubes, etc. really, really hard and didn't find anything. Then, whenI reminded her that my husband and I are trying for a baby, she said "Well, the urine test was negative," to which I responded "Yes, but I would have ovulated only six days ago, so it is too soon anyway," and she was like "Oh, well then things would be happening right now." My issue is: if I am pregnant (which I hope I am but am not getting my hopes us because it's so soon) would her pushing really hard on my ovaries, tubes, etc., do any damage to the baby in such an early stage? It doesn't seem like it could be very good but, then again, I know the baby is so tiny at this point. Please help put me at ease - I have been thinking about it since the stupid exam...


preggoplease - February 16

Nothing to worry about. The baby is so protected by layers of fat, skin, thick uterine wall, and amniotic fluid that the mother has to be very seriously injured in order for the baby to be harmed in any way. So no worries sweetie, if you are preggo the little one is safe and sound! good luck to you!


TucsonHelpful - February 16

Thank you SO MUCH - I feel better already!!!


jen327 - February 17

Nothing to worry about. I was on a cruise the week I conceived and my DH and DS and I were on a excersion where we went 4 wheeling up the side of a mountian. That would have been the time I was impanting. And now I am 16 weeks pregnant. Plus when I ovulate on the day my egg is relased I get that same pain. The name of the pain is called mittelschmerz. Anyway I thought it was a cyst. i wish you the best of luck, but don't worry about the nurses pushing, there is so much protection and tissue, the embryo would not have noticed.


preggoplease - February 17

You are very welcome! I actually had my first pre-natal appt. the other day, and they had to push really hard on my stomach to feel how big my uterus is and to make sure it was the right size for how far along I am. =]



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