September Babbie

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me? - May 23

Is anyone expecting a 9/05 baby and worried that the baby will be born on 9/11 i now that sounds bad i just don't want my child to have a "depressing" birthday


Karen - May 23

I am sure that no matter what day your child is born it will be a wonderful day. It will be up to you and your family to make them feel special on thier day. Dont stress about that.


Cady - May 23

I agree w/Karen. Think of it this way: I am due on Dec 10, just three days after anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor. But that happened so long ago, most of us don't even remember that day anymore. By the time your child grows up, 9/11 won't be such a big deal to him b/c he didn't experience it first hand like his mother.


Lovely - May 23

My bundle is due sept 20-ish.... of all the things I already worry about, I hadn't thought of this one..... Thanks... I'm gonna go eat.


Jbear - May 23

My baby is due Sept. 5. I'm having a c-section and I have pre-eclampsia, so there's no chance my baby will be born on 9/11. I wanted to tell you, though, my dad's birthday is 9/11. It was his birthday for 50 years before the 9/11 tragedy, and we still celebrate his birthday (of course). I don't think a baby born on 9/11 would be a bad's proof that we're a strong and brave country, and that we'll go on no matter what people try to do to us. So don't worry about it. (Was yours conceived after a christmas party, too? smiles...)


Babygirls1st - May 24

My Baby is due September 7th and I am also worried my baby will be born on Sept. 11..


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 24

I think having a baby on Sept.11th, will help make it a brighter day. :o)


Maleficent - May 24

my baby is due september 8th, i'm not worried. sad to say, but in our society over time that day will fade much like pearl harbor day. my cousin has a little girl who will be 3 on september 11th, her birthday is nothing but happiness.


jennifer - May 24

Last year I thought My baby was due on 9/11 but end up having her 9/13. She'll be a year this Sep. But I didnt minded it being on 9/11 its not like a curse day or anything. good luck


Jackie - May 24

Any day would be fine and happy if you just think of it that way. I am due December 7, Pearl Harbor, it kind of scares me but I know it's still a happy day.


Nique - May 24

My baby is actually due on 9/11 and I think it's a wonderful way to make a good memory on a day with such a tragic history...not that I'll actually deliver on that day though.


Lissi - May 24

Most babies aren't born on their due date anyway. If your baby's birthday does happen to fall on this day, then at least you can start a__sociating that date with something nice rather than just tragic.



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