Seriously Bleeding Gums

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Worried - November 18

I have nothing wrong with my gums or teeth and had a cleaning just before I became pregnant (now I'm 19 weeks). My gums are bleeding like crazy every time I brush my teeth (esp. around the caps in front). Anyone else with this problem???


Jamie - November 18

At your next appt, have your doctor check your platelets. Bleeding gums is a sign of dropping platelets, which could be a symptom of pre-eclampsia or HELLP.


Kathy - November 18

Jamie, please do not misinform people like this. Worried, please read on pre-eclampsie: Eclamptic convulsions look no different from epileptic fits. The mother is gripped by synchronised, repet_tive, jerky and sometimes quite violent movements involving muscle groups in the eyes, jaw, neck and limbs. The spasms lead to temporary loss of consciousness, stop the mother from breathing, may make her bite her tongue and sometimes cause urinary incontinence. Most convulsions last for a minute or less before stopping spontaneously. If they are continuous, without a break, the woman is said to be status eclampticus, which is extremely dangerous. Before they suffer an eclamptic convulsion, most women have signs of pre-eclampsia, most notably high blood pressure and/or protein in the urine. Often there are one or more warning symptoms - such as restlessness, shakiness, intense headache, upper abdominal pain or visual disturbances - before the fit occurs, although these are very common, non-specific symptoms which are usually perfectly benign. For some sufferers, however, eclampsia is entirely unheralded, and signs of pre-eclampsia appear afterwards.


to worried - November 18

I have had my gums bleed off and on and at the begining of my pregnancy it happened worse so I went out and bought a soft toothbrush and that has really helped maybe you should try that but it is normal to have bleeding gums don't listen to Jamie...


Jamie - November 18

Kathy, I am not "misinforming" anyone. Severely bleeding gums during pregnancy ARE an indication of low platelets, which IS an indication of pre-eclampsia and HELLP. FYI - HELPP = Hemolysis, Elevated Liver, LOW PLATELET...gee, imagine that...see, I KNEW that, because I HAD that! The bleeding gums were one of my first symptoms.


Jamie - November 18

Worried, Kathy is describing to you severe pre-eclampsia, which is actually very rare. Pre-eclampsia can be detected early enough that doctors are able to monitor the health of the mother, and the health of the child, and deliver the child before the mother's condition becomes life-threatening.


Jamie - November 18

Grrr - Kathy and "to worried" really bug me. I'm not trying to be an alarmist, really I'm not. If you have "severely" bleeding gums, at your next appt, ask your doctor to check your platelets. It's 1 vial of blood, real simple and easy to do. If they're low, he/she can perform other tests, such as a 24 hour urine test to check for proteins. If it's nothing, it's nothing - better safe than sorry. If it is pre-eclampsia or HELPP, then it's MUCH better to know NOW, while you and baby can be monitored. Also, I was told that it's generally considered a medical standard that if a woman's platelet count is lower than 100,000, she can't have an epidural, because there's too great a risk of bleeding into the spinal column, causing permanent injury. I almost did not receive an epidural, because my count was 101,000 on the day of my induction. They ran the catheter into my back, and an hour later, checked my platelets again - they'd dropped to 99,000 in just 1 hour. Please, just get your platelet count can save you a lot of pain and heartache to find out now, as opposed to later, like me.



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