Seth For A Girl

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McCoy - May 14

do you think the name Seth goes well for a girl? I know a girl named Seth........


cindi - May 14

no i personally do not like it for a girl but if you do, then go for it.


HannahBaby - May 15

I agree with people naming their baby what they want and not caring about other people, but think about your child. That is a Boys name, shes going to get picked on big time in school. I have a name that goes both ways, Erin, I had an AARON in my cla__s once and they resorted to calling us "erin the girl" and "aaron the boy" extremely embara__sing. I would not choose that name for your daughter


livdea - May 15

it's okay but I'm not crazy about it.


aggie03 - May 15

I love boys names for girls. I knew I girl named Kevin and she was so beautiful the name just fit. I think Seth depends on the middle name too...its obvious if they are a boy or a girl....just dont name them PAT! j/k KIDS PICK ON ANYTHING, name them something theyll like as an adult too


HannahBaby - May 15

Kids do pick on anything but naming a child something that KNOW they are going to get pick on for is wrong. My mom never thought i would get picked on for my name, but i did. And its hard to grow into your name when you never felt comfortable with it to begin with.


snugglybugglys - May 15

I have to agree with Hannahbaby.


lynnstress - May 15

I agree that if you know it will bring problems, maybe choose something else. I used to work in human resources. A company I worked at had an employee named - no lie - JUSTIN CASE. I think those parents oughta be shot!


frankschick2001 - May 15

Seth for a girl? No, not good. Seth is boys name, sorry.


collint3 - May 17

It's different which is god, but kinda too different for a girl. I personally like Saige, just thought i'd throw that out there... lol :-D good luck


Am_I_Ready - May 17

Seth is a boys name


mandee25 - May 18

I find it too masculine possibly because I have never heard this for a girl's name but if you like it use it. Don't let anyone change your mind because it's your baby.


autumn85 - May 18

i think its cute! i know a girl named michael and she is adorable! i personally like giving a more traditional boy name for a girl!



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