Loveely - April 9

Does anyone still doing oral s_x and not being scared of what will happen to you and the baby? Please help.


to loveely - April 9

what could possibly happen from oral s_x? its totally safe dont worry!


Maleficent - April 9

oral s_x will not hurt you or the baby.


Foxy - April 9

It's perfectly fine.


Lovely - April 10

Change your name... it's too close to my own! And why is oral s_x a risk?


rose - April 10

oral s_x is perfectly safe as long as your partner does not b__w air into your v____a


Loveely - April 10

Thanks Rose that helps a lot. And to other Lovely,I don't need correction I just need advice Good luck to you!


grandma - April 11

it's okay to have oral s_x while you are pregnant.


peace - April 11

what about swallowing your mans goods?


Chell - April 11

It depends on what oral s_x you are talking about on you or him


toes - April 11

sorry, ladies, but my wife has had two v____al infections, both times a day or two after s_x and and the doctor told us that me and mr. happy tongue could be the culprit. Think about it, where are the MOST germs at on a fella?


aw - April 12

i have heard that oral s_x could be a risk due to 1...infections which toes had mentioned, and 2...air getting in which can cause blood vessels to burst and cause damage...although i am not a doctor, i am just pa__sing along information that i have heard before so i really dont have an educated opinion, but as i was concerned with this before, i would like to offer the same information that was given to me....i hope that it helped


paul - April 12

he gives me head all the time, i havent thought about how it could affect the little one..the foetal sac must protect stuff from getting in or leaking out...


Milissa - April 12

well I can't have enough of it now that we are pregnant husband has no complaints..and the s_x WOW" this time around I'm a horn dog..again husband has NO complaints,come to think of it he seems to be walking alittle taller, has a great big smile on his face..hha hhe



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