Amy - March 10

I was just wondering if you can have s_x very early on in your pregnancy and not harm your baby. I'm in my 6th week, and I haven't really had s_x with my husband since we found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago!!! I won't hurt my baby if I do, right??


Tigerphoenix - March 10

From what I have been told and read, having s_x won't harm it at all. In fact when your in your 9th month the Dr. may tell you to go wild (they told that to a friend of mine to help induce labor).


Billie - March 10

S_x should not be a problem during your pregnancy. With me... I had some bleeding in the beginning but the doctor said that it was normal. I also had some bleeding about 3 weeks ago but the doc. again said it was normal. They said that there is a lot more blood vessels around the cervix and when it gets irritated (sp?) then it can cause some bleeding. I don't mean to scare you into not having s_x. I'm only giving you my story....


Kelly K - March 10

I'm also 6 weeks and have had no problems from having s_x. My doctor told me it can't harm you, but is good for our mental health. Especially now with all the changes we're about to be facing.


Heidi - March 10

It's totally safe. I found it even intensified my O ! Not to be gross or anything. That is the few time I wasn't sick enough to do it. Ha ha!


J - March 10

You can have s_x as long as you are not at risk for any problems. If you have had miscarriages in the past your doctors may recommend that you refrain from s_x. Talk to your doctor. Remember your baby is protected in a sac and s_x won't harm your baby.


tara - March 10

Feel free to have s_x whenever you want. it is totally safe, and you may even enjoy it more than you did before. :o) If it's been a few weeks, then you should take it slow the first time just to ease your self into it...have fun ;o)


Amy - March 10

Thanks everyone...I think my hubby and I may have to have a little fun tonight ;) ;)



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